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dc.coverage.spatialTaipei 2011-03-25T22:24:25Z 2011-03-25T22:24:25Z 4-9-99 17:17 1999
dc.description The origin of the image is Foreign. Watermark Unknown.
dc.format.medium Drawing
dc.language.iso eng
dc.publisher Asian Studies, Baker Institute for Public Policy, Rice University
dc.title Sony, Sony Wega
dc.digitization.specifications Color Mode: 3; Horizontal Resolution: ; Vertical Resolution: ; Creator Mac: ogle;
dc.source.collection Transnational China Project sonyElectronicsa99t sonyElectronicsa99t
dc.title.subtitle 唯一大尺寸,真正大又平; [All Flat Display Trinitron: The only truly large and flat screen]
dc.subject.prodtype Electronics
dc.subject.prodcat Media and Information Technology
dc.subject.brand Sony
dc.type.genre newspapers [报纸]
dc.type.genre advertisements [广告]
dc.type.dcmi StillImage [静态图片]
dc.identifier.citation "Sony, Sony Wega." (1999) Asian Studies, Baker Institute for Public Policy, Rice University:

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