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Title: General MacArthur celebration dinner menu
Abstract: Douglas MacArthur (January 26, 1880 - April 5, 1964), was a general who played a prominent role in the Pacific theater of World War II. He was poised to command the invasion of Japan in November 1945 but was instead instructed to accept their surrender on September 2, 1945. MacArthur oversaw the occupation of Japan from 1945 to 1951 and is credited for making far-ranging democratic changes in that country. He led United Nations forces defending South Korea in 1950-51 against North Korea's invasion. MacArthur was removed from command by President Harry S Truman in April 1951 for insubordination and failure to follow Presidential directives. (From Wikipedia.)
Description: Menu for the dinner held to honor General Douglas MacArthur on June 14, 1951. The dinner was held in the Pine Grill Room & Terrace at the Shamrock Hotel in Houston, Texas.
Citation: (1951). "General MacArthur celebration dinner menu."
Date: 1951-06-14

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