The Sarmatian Review, Vol. 29, No. 3

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Title: The Sarmatian Review, Vol. 29, No. 3
Author: Ryan, C.S.V., Leo V.; Hunter, Jr., Richard J.; Urbanowski, Maciej; Roddy, Jr., Harry Louis; Stańczyk, Ewa; Rappaport, Gilbert; Wilczek, Piotr; Boss, Sally; Kraszewski, Charles S.; Storozynsk, Alex
Abstract: Contents: "Poland and the Euro", by Leo V. Ryan, C.S.V. and Richard J. Hunter, Jr.; "BOOKS"; "The paradoxes of the Paris Kultura: style and traditions of political thinking", by Janusz Korek (review Maciej Urbanowski); "The burden of history? Group identity and history in East Central Europe: Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine", reviewed by Harry Louis Roddy, Jr.; "Bulletins of the Institute of National Memory", Paweł Styrna; "Presence/absence: erasures and omissions in twentieth-century narrations", reviewed by Ewa Stańczyk; "The Law of the Looking Glass Cinema in Poland, 1896–1939" By Sheila Skaff (review Gilbert Rappaport); "Marcus Aurelius, and Zbigniew Herbert, An Encounter", Piotr Wilczek; "From White Ruthenians to Belarusians: the sources of Belarusian national idea", By Oleg Łatyszonek (review Sally Boss); "The poet and the world: on Fr. Janusz A. Ihnatowicz’s literary works", By Alicja Jakubowska-Ožóg (review Charles S. Kraszewski); "An Interview with Alex Storozynski"; "Sarmatian Review Data"; "About the Authors"; "Thank You Note"
Citation: Ryan, C.S.V., Leo V., Hunter, Jr., Richard J., Urbanowski, Maciej, Roddy, Jr., Harry Louis, Stańczyk, Ewa, Rappaport, Gilbert, Wilczek, Piotr, Boss, Sally, Kraszewski, Charles S. and Storozynsk, Alex. (2009). "The Sarmatian Review, Vol. 29, No. 3."
Date: 2009-09

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