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dc.contributor.authorWilson, Emilia Serrano, baronesa de, 1843-1922
dc.coverage.spatialLatin America (general region)
New York (inhabited place)
Washington, D.C. (inhabited place) 2011-01-05T00:02:03Z 2011-01-05T00:02:03Z 1890
dc.description 466 p., illustrated, 30 cm.
dc.description.abstract Serrano de Wilson (1834?-1922) was a Spanish writer who produced historical and sociological works, as well as novels, literary translations, and guides to conduct for young women. In this, her most ambitious work, Serrano de Wilson displays an encyclopedic range of interests, including history, ethnology, climatology, and botany, and it clearly reflects her three overriding passions: literature, traveling, and a fascination with the Americas. The product of firsthand research conducted during two voyages, over the course of which she traveled, unaccompanied for the most part, to every country in Latin America, including extended periods of time in Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Cuba, and Mexico. The length of these voyages kept her away from her native Spain for close to 15 years. Serrano de Wilson employs a geographical approach to handling the vast amount of material at her disposal, describing the landscapes, detailing the flora and fauna unique to each place, the indigenous peoples, the European settlers, as well as current politics and literature. She visits haciendas in Brazil and Argentina, hikes the Andes in Ecuador and Chile, collects antiquities in Mexico and beside the shores of Lake Titicaca in Peru, and enjoys the company of fellow writers in literary salons throughout the continent. An interesting feature of her methodology is her reliance on a network of female friends with shared intellectual habits and interests, including Juana Gorriti, Mercedes Cabello de Carbonera, and Soledad Acosta de Samper, all of whom were invaluable in providing Serrano de Wilson invitations to historical sites and archives which her position as a single woman would have normally barred her access to. She frankly acknowledges the dependency of intelligent women on such networks of ‘sisterhood’ and endorses them as a model for enterprising women. While the majority of the work deals with Latin America, early chapters discuss stereotypes, both racial and gender, popular in European intellectual circles, while a later chapter describes her visit to the United States, specifically New York City and Washington, D.C.
dc.format Translations
dc.language.iso eng
dc.publisher Instituto de Investigaciones Jose Maria Luis Mora
dc.relation.IsVersionOfOriginal document is available at
dc.rights This work is licensed under a Creative Commons attribution 2.5 License
dc.subject.lcshWilson, Emilia Serrano, baronesa de, 1843-1922
Women--Latin America
Women--United States
Women--Latin America--History
Women--United States--History
Latin America--History
United States--Biography
Latin America--Description and travel
United States--Description and travel
Sex role--Latin America
Stereotypes (Social psychology)--Europe
Railroads--Latin America
Railroad travel--Latin America
Railroad travel--United States
Steamboats--Latin America
Brazil--History--19th century
Brazil--Social life and customs--19th century
Brazil--Population density
Brazil--Natural resources
Brazil--Agricultural resources
Brazil--Discovery and exploration--Portuguese
Brazil--Description and travel
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)--Description and travel
Brazil--History--16th century
Brazil--History--17th century
Brazil--History--18th century
Slavery--Brazil--History--19th century
Brazil--Civilization--African influences
Brazil--Race relations--Blacks--Brazil--Social conditions--19th century
Monarchy--Brazil--History--19th century
Uruguay--History--19th century
Uruguay--Social life and customs--19th century
Uruguay--Population density
Uruguay--Discovery and exploration--Spanish
Uruguay--Description and travel
Montevideo (Uruguay)--Description and travel
Uruguayan poetry--19th century
Uruguay--Politics and government--1830-1875
Rio de la Plata (Argentina and Uruguay)--Description and travel
Argentina--History--19th century
Argentina--Social life and customs--19th century
Argentina--Discovery and exploration--Spanish
Argentina--Description and travel
Buenos Aires (Argentina)--Description and travel
Pampas (Argentina)
Parana (Argentina)
Miranda, Lucia, d. ca. 1530
Hurtado de Mendoza, Sebastian
Gorriti, Juana Manuela, 1816-1892
Paraguay--History--19th century
Paraguay--Discovery and exploration--Spanish
Paraguay--Description and travel
Asuncion (Paraguay)--Description and travel
Paraguay River--Description and travel
Paraguayan War, 1865-1870
Chile--History--19th century
Chile--Social life and customs--19th century
Chile--Discovery and exploration--Spanish
Chile--Description and travel
Santiago (Chile)--Description and travel
Punto Arenas (Chile)
Patagonia (Argentina and Chile)
Tierra del Fuego (Argentina and Chile)
Valparaiso (Chile)
Chilean literature--19th century
War of the Pacific, 1879-1884
Grau, Miguel, 1834-1879
Prat Chacon, Arturo, 1848-1879
Mapuche Indians
Marin de Solar, Mercedes, 1804-1866
Del Carmen, Maria
Peru--History--19th century
Peru--Social life and customs--19th century
Peru--Discovery and exploration--Spanish
Peru--Description and travel
Lima (Peru)--Description and travel
Callao Bay (Peru)
Arequipa (Peru)
Humans--Effect of altitude on--Peru
Puno (Peru)
Lake Titicaca (Peru and Bolivia)
Cabello de Carbonera, Mercedes, 1845-1909
Rose, of Lima, Saint Isabel Florez
Larriva de Llona, Lastenia
Bolivia--History--19th century
Bolivia--Social life and customs--19th century
Bolivia--Discovery and exploration--Spanish
Bolivia--Description and travel
La Paz (Bolivia)--Description and travel
Bolivian poetry--19th century
Ecuador--History--19th century
Ecuador--Social life and customs--19th century
Ecuador--Discovery and exploration--Spanish
Ecuador--Description and travel
Quito (Ecuador)--Description and travel
Guayaquil (Ecuador)
Ecuadorian literature--19th century
Colombia--History--19th century
Colombia--Social life and customs--19th century
Colombia--Discovery and exploration--Spanish
Colombia--Description and travel
Bogota (Colombia)--Description and travel
Magdalena (Colombia : Dept.)
Colombian poetry--19th century
Colombia--Intellectual life--19th century
Tequendama (Colombia : Province)
Acosta de Samper, Soledad, 1833-1913
Venezuela--History--19th century
Venezuela--Social life and customs--19th century
Venezuela--Discovery and exploration--Spanish
Venezuela--Description and travel
Caracas (Venezuela)--Description and travel
Bolivar, Simon, 1783-1830--Homes and haunts
Venezuelan literature--19th century
Crespo, Jacinta
Women--Central America
Central America--History--19th century
Mora, Adela
Panama--Description and travel
Guatemala--History--19th century
Guatemala--Politics and government--19th century
Guatemala--Natural resources
Guatemala--Population density
Guatemala--Discovery and exploration--Spanish
Guatemala--Description and travel
El Salvador--History--19th century
El Salvador--Natural resources
El Salvador--Population density
El Salvador--Discovery and exploration--Spanish
El Salvador--Description and travel
San Salvador (El Salvador)--Description and travel
Honduras--History--19th century
Honduras--Natural resources
Honduras--Population density
Honduras--Discovery and exploration--Spanish
Honduras--Description and travel
Tegucigalpa (Honduras)--Description and travel
Nicaragua--History--19th century
Nicaragua--Natural resources
Nicaragua--Population density
Nicaragua--Discovery and exploration--Spanish
Nicaragua--Description and travel
Managua (Nicaragua)--Description and travel
Costa Rica--History--19th century
Costa Rica--Natural resources
Costa Rica--Population density
Costa Rica--Discovery and exploration--Spanish
Costa Rica--Description and travel
San Jose (Costa Rica)--Description and travel
Barrios, Rufino
Palenque Site (Mexico)
Antiquities--Central America
Canas, Juan J. (Juan Jose), 1826-1918
Central American poetry--19th century
Indians of Central America--History
Santo Tomas de Castilla (Guatemala)
Mexico--History--16th century
Mexico--History--17th century
Mexico--History--18th century
Mexico--History--19th century
Mexico--Discovery and exploration--Spanish
Mexico--Description and travel
Mexico City (Mexico)--Description and travel
Mexico--Social life and customs--19th century
Mexico City (Mexico)--Social life and customs--19th century
Mexican literature--19th century
Cypress pines--Mexico--Mexico City
Juana Ines de la Cruz, Sister, 1651-1695
Hornero Rubio de Diaz, Carmen
Ortiz de Dominguez, Maria Josefa, 1768-1829
Peralta, Angel, 1845-1883
Chicago (Ill.)--Description and travel
Great Lakes (North America)--Description and travel
Niagara Falls (N.Y. and Ont.)--Description and travel
New York (N.Y.)--Description and travel
New York (N.Y.)--Social life and customs--19th century
Manhattan (New York, N.Y.)--Description and travel
Brooklyn Bridge (New York, N.Y.)
St. Patrick’s Cathedral (New York, N.Y.)
Green-Wood Cemetery (New York, N.Y.)
Harpers Ferry (W. Va.)--Description and travel
Washington (D.C.)--Description and travel
Washington (D.C.)--Social life and customs--19th century
Women--United States
Washington, Martha, 1731-1802
Hispaniola--Description and travel
Dominican Republic--Description and travel
Haiti--Description and travel
Antilles, Greater
Cuba--History--19th century
Cuba--Description and travel
Havana (Cuba)--Description and travel
Colon (Matanzas, Cuba)--Description and travel
Puerto Rico
dc.title The United States of America, Chapter VIII [Moral History of Women]
dc.digitization.specifications Page images were scanned with the Minolta PS7000 at 600dpi and saved as 1bit TIF format 2008
dc.contributor.translatorGauthereau-Bryson, Lorena
dc.format.xmlschema tei-americas-p5 [1890]
Race relations m004USAtr
dc.source.provenance Fondo Antiguo Biblioteca Ernesto de la Torre Villar
dc.contributor.publisher Fidel Giro
dc.pubplace Barcelona (Espana)
dc.description.translation This document is an English translation of the "América y sus mujeres." Translated by Lorena Gauthereau-Bryson. The language of the original document is Spanish.
dc.type.genre Book
dc.type.genre travel literature
dc.type.genre memoirs
dc.type.dcmi Text
dc.identifier.citation Wilson, Emilia Serrano, baronesa de. The United States of America, Chapter VIII [Moral History of Women]. Translated by Gauthereau-Bryson, Lorena. Barcelona (Espana): Fidel Giro, 1890. From Rice University

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