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    • 10 Questions: Debra Kolah 

      Hales, Stuart (2011-04)
      Interview with Debra Kolah, the founding chair of SLA's new user experience caucus.
    • A brief look at book closures 

      Focke, Amanda York (2008-10)
      A brief look at the history of various book closures such as metal clasps, leather or fabric ties, pin and hole closures, using examples from the collections of the Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University. First presented in October 2008 for the Houston Book Arts Group, at the Museum of Printing History.
    • Academic Libraries Join the Fight Against Climate Change 

      Spiro, Lisa; Fitzpatrick, Ashley (2020)
      In 2017, Hurricane Harvey dumped over 50 inches of rain on Houston, causing approximately 100 deaths and $125 billion in damage. Research indicates that Harvey’s impact was worsened by climate change. More recently wildfires, floods, and droughts - as well as concerted action by climate activists - have demonstrated the urgency of fighting climate ...
    • Alternative and Underground Comics: Interview with Caitlin McGurk 

      Vieira, Scott; McGurk, Caitlin (2018)
      In this installment of "Conversations," Caitlin McGurk, associate curator for outreach at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum, discusses alternative and underground comics along with different aspects of her professional career in cartoon and comics librarianship.
    • Building and Managing Your Online Profile as an Academic 

      Spiro, Lisa; Kipphut-Smith, Shannon (2016-12-07)
      Slides from a workshop on raising your online visibility as an academic.
    • Can a UX Department Really Make a Difference? 

      Vacek, Rachel; Kolah, Debra; Fondren Library (2017-04-03)
      When a library is truly invested in UX, with total awareness of and buy-in on user-centered thinking, its staff more readily embrace UX principles and have more empathy. However, creating a user-centric culture can be challenging as a solo UX Librarian. Wouldn't it be easier with a dedicated department? For this presentation, a panel of UX department ...
    • Civic Engagement During the Pandemic 

      Thomas, Amanda; Xiong, Anna (2021-05-07)
    • Collecting to the Core--Physics 

      Fosmire, Michael; Kolah, Debra; Doherty, Anne (2012)
      Column Editor’s Note: The “Collecting to the Core” column highlights monographic works that are essential to the academic library within a particular discipline, inspired by the Resources for College Libraries bibliography (online at In each essay, subject specialists introduce and explain the classic titles and topics that ...
    • Conversations: The Open Libraries Project – Interview with Chris Freeland 

      Vieira, Scott (2020)
      In this installment of “Conversations,” Chris Freeland, director for the Open Libraries project with the Internet Archive, discusses his work with the Open Libraries project and the National Emergency Library.
    • COVID-19 and Innovation 

      Vieira, Scott (2021)
      In this installment of "Conversations," multiple individuals share how they or their organizations have coped with COVID-19 and in some cases the innovations that have come from it.
    • Creating a Community-Driven Digital Archive: The Harvey Memories Project 

      Spiro, Lisa (2018-04-23)
      Between August 17 and 30, 2017, Tropical Storm Harvey -- later Hurricane Harvey -- crisscrossed the Southeast corner of Texas, killing 88 Texans, damaging or destroying more than 119,000 homes in Harris County, and causing as much as $190 billion dollars in damage. Behind these numbers are thousands of stories of loss, trauma, recovery, and ...
    • Cultivating our ORCID garden: Lessons learned from publishers 

      Kipphut-Smith, Shannon (2017)
      ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID)--developed to address the problem of name ambiguity in scholarship--has been widely welcomed by many in the scholarly communications community, including many academic librarians. In fact, librarians have been some of the organization’s biggest supporters, largely because they understand how a persistent ...
    • Cultural Anthropology and Open Access—Interview With Dominic Boyer, Cymene Howe, and Marcel LaFlamme 

      Vieira, Scott; Kipphut-Smith, Shannon (2019)
      In this installment of “Conversations,” Dominic Boyer, Cymene Howe, and Marcel LaFlamme, of the Cultural Anthropology editorial team, discuss the ins and outs of publishing a gold open access journal in the field of anthropology. Highlights of the discussion include Cultural Anthropology’s move to open access, the ethics of open access, the growth ...
    • Curatorial Challenges of the Cassette Culture Revolution 

      Carlson, Scott (2015-06-11)
      Until just over a decade ago, the cassette tape was one of the most popular mediums for prerecorded music. In the West, it was the dominant format of the 1980s, until the shift to compact discs in the mid-1990s; in the developing world, cassettes clung to preeminence for another decade. Perhaps spurred by the resurgence of the phonograph record, ...
    • Deepening the Conversation 

      Kolah, Debra; Thomas, Amanda (2018-07)
    • Describing Archival Collections So Visitors Can Find Them On-line 

      Focke, Amanda York (2008-03)
      An overview of various ways archival repositories can post information about their collections on-line so that users can easily find them. Originally presented at the Texas Association of Museums annual meeting, March 2008, in Galveston, Texas.
    • Describing Images for the Digital Environment 

      Focke, Amanda York (2007-05)
      How archivists can translate their skills for describing materials at the collection to describing materials at the item level, with a focus on describing images for on-line access. First presented at the Society of Southwest Archivists annual meeting, May 2007, in Oklahoma City, OK.
    • Digital History: Tools for Research and Teaching 

      Spiro, Lisa; Center for Digital Scholarship (2009)
      Presentation for the History Barrel (Rice U. graduate students in history), October 19, 2009
    • Digital Preservation: Tales from the Precipice between theory and practice 

      Rivero, Monica; Focke, Amanda; Jin, Ying (2013)
      Long-term access to digital materials relies on active management of these resources. A major challenge for today’s data stewards is how best to apply the plethora of recommended standards and emerging technologies not only to newly created digital content but to legacy digital data. This poster describes our ongoing activities and methods used in ...
    • Digital Tools for Research and Teaching in Anthropology 

      Spiro, Lisa; Center for Digital Scholarship (2009)
      Presentation on digital research tools for Rice University's anthropology department, October 27, 2009