This collection contains presentations, publications and other works by staff members at Rice University's Fondren Library

Recent Submissions

  • A Collection of Resources for Learning to Code in R 

    Barber, Catherine Romero (2023)
    This collection of guides and Markdown code files introduces coding basics to learners who are new to R. Topics include navigating in RStudio, importing and indexing data, data wrangling, visualization, basic statistics, creating reports with Markdown, and programming basics.
  • Book review: The Impactful Academic: Building a Research Career That Makes a Difference 

    Kipphut-Smith, Shannon (2023)
    A brief review of Wade Kelly's book, The Impactful Academic: Building a Research Career That Makes a Difference (2022).
  • Canvas Survey and User Testing, Summer 2015 

    Kolah, Debra; Yan, Hao (2015)
  • Research Flow: Understanding the Way Research Happens 

    Kolah, Debra; Rivero, Monica; Ajtai, Rebecca; Focke, Amanda; LaFlamme, Marcel; (2012-08)
  • Discovering Discovery: How Researchers Find the Sources They Need 

    Kolah, Debra; LaFlamme, Marcel; Segal, Jane; Krevit, Leah (2011-05-18)
    Rice University’s current discovery tool, OneSearch, will no longer be supported after 2011. A committee, the Fondren Library Resource Discovery Tools Working Group, co-chaired by Esther Crawford and Jiun Kuo, has been charged with looking at other available discovery tools and providing a recommendation to the Fondren Library Executive team on what ...
  • Establishing fondren@BRC: Insights from a User Study 

    Kolah, Debra; Spiro, Lisa (2010-08)
    Rice University’s Bioscience Research Center (BRC) aims to be “a catalyst for new and better ways for researchers to collaborate, explore, learn and lead.”1 With fondren@brc, its new library facility in the BRC, Fondren Library can participate in this collaborative effort and support researchers in producing pioneering new research. Through fondren@brc, ...
  • Designing the Fondren Library K-12 Experience: A collaborative project 

    Bynog, David; Spiro, Linda; Edwards, Sandi; Kolah, Debra (2014-06-05)
    How do we create an experience that makes a meaningful impression on our school visitors, so that they come to know the value of a research library, and understand how it fits into a university setting? The high school student visitors of today could be the Rice students of tomorrow.
  • Usability Testing the Classic Catalog & OneSearch 

    Butler, Diane; Edwards, Sandi; Koffler, Jeff; Kolah, Debra; Mueller, Lauren; (2013)
    The web team used two methods with students to achieve answers to our research questions. The first method was a series of one-on-one interviews. The second method used was a session where students were invited to drop in and fill out a Google Form that has questions about their use of the library catalog. Finally, a librarian review was conducted ...
  • Decolonization and the Cambridge University Libraries—Interview with Mel Bach 

    Vieira, Scott (2023)
    In this installment of “Conversations,” Mel Bach, head of collections and academic liaison at Cambridge University, discusses her work on decolonization within the Cambridge University Libraries. The discussion includes a history and description of the Decolonisation Working Group, including its membership and some of its earliest efforts.
  • The British Library’s Philatelic Collections – Interview With Richard Morel 

    Vieira, Scott (2021)
    In this installment of “Conversations,” Richard Morel, curator of the British Library’s Philatelic Collections, discusses his professional background and the British Library’s Philatelic Collections, including its history, the collections’ holdings, its use by researchers, collection highlights, curation challenges, and the collections’ future.
  • Subscription Agents: Problem Solving in the Middle 

    Vieira, Scott (2018)
    Subscription agents provide a variety of intermediary services and products for libraries. Some of their functions include publication sourcing, order and invoice consolidation, providing publisher information, statistics and analysis, and software. In addition, they often work as change agents to the publishing landscape. The following article ...
  • Open Access and the Changing Landscape for Library Acquisitions — Interview with Gregory T. Eow 

    Vieira, Scott (2019)
    In this installment of “Conversations,” Gregory T. Eow, associate director for collections at MIT Libraries, shares his perspective on the changing landscape of library acquisitions.
  • Fighting Digital Piracy in Publishing: Interview with Sari Frances and Lui Simpson 

    Vieira, Scott (2018)
    In this installment of "Conversations," Sari Frances, manager of digital license compliance for IEEE, and Lui Simpson, vice president of global policy for the Association of American Publishers, discuss their work in protecting the intellectual property (IP) of publishers from digital piracy.
  • Working in Libraries for the United Nations—Interview with Carly Bachman 

    Vieira, Scott (2021)
    In this installment of “Conversations,” Carly Bachman, chief librarian for the United Nations’ Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), discusses her work, including her past work for different regional libraries for the United Nations.
  • Conversations: The Open Libraries Project – Interview with Chris Freeland 

    Vieira, Scott (2020)
    In this installment of “Conversations,” Chris Freeland, director for the Open Libraries project with the Internet Archive, discusses his work with the Open Libraries project and the National Emergency Library.
  • Alternative and Underground Comics: Interview with Caitlin McGurk 

    Vieira, Scott; McGurk, Caitlin (2018)
    In this installment of "Conversations," Caitlin McGurk, associate curator for outreach at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum, discusses alternative and underground comics along with different aspects of her professional career in cartoon and comics librarianship.
  • GOKb: Opening Up the Knowledgebase 

    Vieira, Scott (2016)
    The Global Open Knowledgebase Project (GOKb) is providing an open, community-based solution to resource metadata curation. The project's success pivots between data accumulation and enhancement, quality control, open data, and community involvement. In the following, participants in the project respond to questions about where GOKb is today, its ...
  • Disambiguating Author Names: Part Two 

    Vieira, Scott (2016)
    Author identity is a challenging problem for automation systems working with bibliographic resources. ORCID author identifiers are perceived as a simple and effective way to address this problem, but in order to accomplish this, ORCID identifiers need widespread adoption by researchers, organizations, and bibliographic automation systems. This column, ...
  • COVID-19 and Innovation 

    Vieira, Scott (2021)
    In this installment of "Conversations," multiple individuals share how they or their organizations have coped with COVID-19 and in some cases the innovations that have come from it.
  • Reveal Digital and Open Access Digital Archives—Interview with Peggy Glahn 

    Vieira, Scott (2022)
    In this installment of “Conversations,” Peggy Glahn, associate director for Reveal Digital, discusses her work with JSTOR’s Reveal Digital, a nonprofit project to digitize primary sources and make them available via open access on the JSTOR platform. Glahn’s interview covers topics about Reveal Digital such as its history, funding model, collections, ...

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