Correspondence from Rice Institute student Otto Eisenlohr to his high school sweetheart and eventual wife, Gainor Roberts, regarding student life, academics and athletics at Rice Institute, and contemporary newsclippings and photographs.

Otto and Gainor Eisenlohr purchased a home at 1042 Lausanne, Dallas, TX, ca. 1930. Gainor died in 1938, and Otto remarried Nell Vaughn, circa 1942. Otto died in 1988 and the house at 1042 Lausanne remained occupied by Nell Eisenlohr until she moved to a retirement community in the summer of 2002.

These letters were found in the attic of Otto Eisenlohr’s home at 1042 Lausanne, Dallas, Texas, in 2002, when the house was cleaned out before its sale. They were transcribed by Nancy Gilbert of Lewisville, with the assistance of Nancy’s niece, Melissa Morrow, and by staff of the Woodson Research Center.

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