Recent Submissions

  • Human Trafficking 

    Jelley, Shannon; Baker, Sierra; Messineo, Ashley; Minarro, Marta Cano; Nwadei, KC (2019)
    This document is a guide to leading a workshop on human trafficking in Houston. Included is an explanation of human trafficking's prevalence in Houston and what can be done to combat it. For the workshop, there is a ...
  • ¡Vota!: Spanish-Language Ballots Affect the Policy Preferences of Voters 

    Rothschild, Connor; Scannell, Maddy; Stone, Eric; Berton, Sarah (2019)
    Present research related to racial group interactions has pointed to the existence of a group status threat; when a majority group feels threatened, it takes action to protect its status. This backlash has been observed ...
  • Rice Allyship Movement’s Racial Allyship Toolkit: Guidelines to Teaching an Effective Workshop 

    Huang, Jessica; Tseggay, Sarah; Considine, Craig (2019-04-04)
    This mixed methods study explores the experiences and perceptions of interracial dating, interracial relationships, and racial allyship among undergraduate students at Rice University and high school students at Kinder ...