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    • Implementation of a High Throughput 3GPP Turbo Decoder on GPU 

      Wu, Michael; Sun, Yang; Wang, Guohui; Cavallaro, Joseph R. (2011-11-01)
      Turbo code is a computationally intensive channel code that is widely used in current and upcoming wireless standards. General-purpose graphics processor unit (GPGPU) is a programmable commodity processor that achieves ...
    • Reconfigurable stream processors for wireless base-stations 

      Rajagopal, Sridhar; Rixner, Scott; Cavallaro, Joseph R. (2003-10-20)
      This paper presents the design and use of reconfigurable stream processors for the physical layer processing in wireless base-stations. Stream processors, traditionally used for high performance media processing, use ...
    • Reduced Rank Algorithms for Wireless Space-Time Channels 

      Ndili, Obianuju (2000-05-20)
      The estimation of channel coefficients constitutes a major function of the receiver. It is also an important step in the signal detection process at the receiver, in a wireless communication system. To describe the space-time ...