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    • On the impact of variability on the buffer dynamics in IP networks 

      Joo, Youngmi; Ribeiro, Vinay Joseph; Feldmann, Anja; Gilbert, Anna; Willinger, Walter (1999-09-20)
      The main objective of this paper is to demonstrate in the context of a simple TCP/IP-based network that depending on the underlying assumptions about the inherent nature of the variability of network traffic, very different ...
    • Small-time scaling behaviors of Internet backbone traffic: An empirical study 

      Zhang, Zhi-Li; Ribeiro, Vinay Joseph; Moon, Sue; Diot, Christophe (2003-04-20)
      We study the small-time (sub-seconds) scaling behaviors of Internet backbone traffic, based on traces collected from OC3/12/48 links in a tier-1 ISP. We observe that for a majority of these traces, the (second-order) scaling ...