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    • Development of Digital Signal Processor controlled Quantum Cascade Laser based Trace Gas Sensor Technology 

      So, Stephen; Wysocki, Gerard; Frantz, Patrick; Tittel, Frank K. (2006-08-01)
      This work reports the design and integration of a custom digital signal processor (DSP) system into a pulsed quantum cascade laser (QCL) based trace gas sensor to improve its portability, robustness and operating performance. ...
    • Multiscale Nature of Network Traffic 

      Abry, Patrice; Baraniuk, Richard G.; Flandrin, Patrick; Riedi, Rudolf H.; Veitch, Darryl (2002-05-01)
      The complexity and richness of telecommunications traffic is such that one may despair to find any regularity or explanatory principles. Nonetheless, the discovery of scaling behavior in tele-traffic has provided hope that ...
    • Recent Advances in Terahertz Imaging 

      Koch, Martin; Rudd, J. Van; Neelamani, Ramesh; Gupta, Maya; Baraniuk, Richard G.; Mittleman, Daniel M. (1999-06-01)
      We review recent progress in the field of terahertz "T-ray" imaging. This relatively new imaging technique, based on terahertz time-domain spectroscopy, has the potential to be the first portable far-infared imagin ...