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    • Generation of diffraction-free beams for applications in optical microlithography 

      Erdelyi, Miklos; Horvath, Zoltan L.; Szabo, Gabor; Bor, Zs.; Tittel, Frank K.; Cavallaro, Joseph R.; Smayling, Michael C. (1997-03-01)
      A new concept based on a Fabry–Perot interferometer for the generation of nondiffracting Bessel beams is described and proposed for potential applications in microlithography such as the fabrication of small isolated ...
    • Interferometric Phase Shift Technique for High Resolution Deep UV Microlithography 

      Tittel, Frank K.; Cavallaro, Joseph R.; Kido, Motoi; Smayling, Michael C.; Szabo, Gabor; Wilson, William L. (1994-09-01)
      A new phase shifting technique based on interferometry has been developed which is especially suited for deep-UV microlithography. Using only a single layer chromium mask, with no additional phase shift elements, significant ...
    • A New Interferometric Phase-Shifting Technique for Sub-half-micron Laser Microlithography 

      Erdelyi, Miklos; Sengupta, Chaitali; Bor, Zsolt; Cavallaro, Joseph R.; Kido, Motoi; Smayling, Michael C.; Tittel, Frank K.; Wilson, William L.; Szabo, Gabor (1995-02-01)
      This paper reports recent progress in achieving sub-half-micron feature sizes with UV laser illumination based on a novel interferometric phase shifting (IPS) technique. In the IPS arrangement, the intensity and amount of ...