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    • A DSP-Based Platform for Wireless Video Compression 

      Murphy, Patrick; Bharadwaj, Vinay; Welsh, Erik; Frantz, Patrick (2002-11-01)
      With the exponential growth of wireless voice markets, demand for wireless video services is soon to follow. However, bandwidth limited wireless channels coupled with mobility issues pose a great challenge in the hardware, ...
    • GNOMES: A Testbed for Low-Power Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks 

      Welsh, Erik; Fish, Walt; Frantz, Patrick (2003-05-20)
      Continuing trends in sensor, semiconductor and communication systems technology (smaller, faster, cheaper) make feasible very dense networks of fixed and mobile wireless devices for use in many different sensing and ...
    • A Mobile Testbed for GPS-Based ITS/IVC and Ad Hoc Routing Experimentation 

      Welsh, Erik; Murphy, Patrick; Frantz, Patrick (2002-10-01)
      Past investigations into the formation of ad hoc networks and ad hoc routing have focused on computer simulations of mobile traffic. However, the proliferation of mobile electronic devices (mobile phones, PDAs, and laptop ...