This is a 38-page handwritten logbook containing dozens of general memos signed by proxy for various British Navy and Marine officers during the time period 1807-1809.

Recent Submissions

  • Chart for the Daily Progress of His Majesty's Ship 

    A copy of an empty chart used by British Naval officers to show the daily status of ship's crew.
  • May & June 1807 Memoranda 

    Wells, T. Rear Admiral (1807)
    Memoranda written by Rear Admiral Wells to the commanding officers aboard the Zealand informing them that they need to report to him on the progress of the ship.
  • 23 July 1809 Memorandum 

    Owen, E.W.C.R Captain (1809-07-23)
    Memos written for British Naval officers, under the direction of R.J. Stratham, instructing them in the Temporary Order of Sailing and when, where, and how to hoist the colours of senior officers.
  • 22 July 1809 Memorandum 

    Owen, E.W.C.R Captain (1809-07-22)
    Memo intended for the British Naval officers under the command of Sir R.J. Stratham directing them in the Order of Sailing and Distinguishing Pendants.
  • May 1808 Memorandum 

    Wells, T. Vice Admiral (1808-05)
    A memo intended for officers of both the British Navy and Marines directing them how to properly discharge members of the crew who stay on shore overnight so they will continue to receive sea duty pay, not shore pay.
  • July 1807 Memoranda 

    Wells, T. Rear Admiral (1807-07)
    Three memos made to British Naval officers of the ship Zealand by Rear Admiral Wells concerning proper protocol of discharging sailors and the issue of spirits and beer to warrant officers.