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    • Prototypes and hyperspeech: Where are they in the grammar? 

      Välimaa-Blum, Riitta (2009-02-11)
      If languages are fundamentally symbolic systems, as it is assumed in cognitive linguistics, then it follows that what speakers learn in the course of language acquisition are symbolic systems. It is not unequivocally ...
    • Reported speech and thought in Kavalan 

      Jiang, Haowen (2009-02-11)
      One of the amazing characteristics of human language is self-reference, that is, referring to itself by means of itself. This language-with-language phenomenon is most evident in reported discourse, where speech, thought, ...
    • Scoring a hat trick: Nation, football, and critical discourse analysis 

      Georgalou, Mariza (2009-02-11)
      Media sport constitutes a significant arena within which discourses about national identities are continually articulated (Blain et al. 1993). This study analyses the football commentaries of the matches in which the Greek ...
    • The syntax of hybrid verb/affix lexemes and clause fusion in Hiaki (Yaqui) 

      Haugen, Jason; Harley, Heidi; Tubino Blanco, Mercedes (2009-02-11)
      We argue that verb/affix hybrids in Hiaki (Yaqui) are subject to the same conditions on clause fusion (Rude 1996) as 'pure' affixal verbs in spite of their different distributional behavior. We show that all verbs involved ...
    • The typology of motion verbs in Northern Vietnamese 

      Pace, Cassandra (2009-02-11)
      Talmy's (1985) seminal work on motion verbs categorized languages as either verb-framed or satellite-framed depending on how the core schema 'motion' is mapped onto an expression. However, Vietnamese has motion verbs that ...
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      Rice Linguistics Society (2009-02-11)