Recent Submissions

  • Better Horrors: From Terror to Communion in Whitley Strieber's Communion (1987) 

    Kripal, Jeffrey J. (2014)
    Trauma, Trick, and Transcendence in the Life of a Horror Writer: The Case of Whitley Strieber. This essay treats the theorization of horror in Whitley Strieber's Communion (1987). It also pushes us to consider more honestly ...
  • Affect 

    Schneider-Mayerson, Matthew (2015)
  • Respecting all the evidence 

    Sliwa, Paulina; Horowitz, Sophie (2015)
    Plausibly, you should believe what your total evidence supports. But cases of misleading higher-order evidence—evidence about what your evidence supports—present a challenge to this thought. In such cases, taking both ...
  • Magic 

    Fanger, Claire (2013)
    This section of The Oxford Guide to the Historical Reception of Augustine explores magic. The author discusses: magic in Aug.'s thought; medieval reception-encyclopedic and legal; medieval reception-theological and ...
  • Sefirotic Depiction, Divine Noesis, and Aristotelian Kabbalah: Abraham ben Meir de Balmes and Italian Renaissance Thought 

    Ogren, Brian (2014)
    In 1509, the famed Italian Jewish linguist and philosopher Abraham ben Meir de Balmes wrote a patently Averroean commentary on the kabbalistic hypostases known as the sefirot. This commentary is entitled Igeret ha-ʻaśiriyah, ...