Recent Submissions

  • Affect 

    Schneider-Mayerson, Matthew (2015)
  • Respecting all the evidence 

    Sliwa, Paulina; Horowitz, Sophie (2015)
    Plausibly, you should believe what your total evidence supports. But cases of misleading higher-order evidence—evidence about what your evidence supports—present a challenge to this thought. In such cases, taking both ...
  • Magic 

    Fanger, Claire (2013)
    This section of The Oxford Guide to the Historical Reception of Augustine explores magic. The author discusses: magic in Aug.'s thought; medieval reception-encyclopedic and legal; medieval reception-theological and ...
  • Sefirotic Depiction, Divine Noesis, and Aristotelian Kabbalah: Abraham ben Meir de Balmes and Italian Renaissance Thought 

    Ogren, Brian (2014)
    In 1509, the famed Italian Jewish linguist and philosopher Abraham ben Meir de Balmes wrote a patently Averroean commentary on the kabbalistic hypostases known as the sefirot. This commentary is entitled Igeret ha-ʻaśiriyah, ...
  • Amerigo Vespucci and the Four Finger (Kunstmann II) World Map 

    Metcalf, Alida C. (2012)
    Is the anonymous painted map of the world, dated c. 1506 in the Bavarian State Library, also known as the "Four Finger" world chart, or as the Kunstmann II, authored by Amerigo Vespucci? The map was a privately-held, highly ...