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    • Evaluating effects of habitat loss, hunting, and El Niño on a threatened lemur 

      Erhart, Elizabeth M.; Dunham, Amy E.; Wright, Patricia C.; Overdorff, Deborah J. (2008)
      Madagascar ranks as one of the world’s top extinction hotspots because of its high endemism and high rate of habitat degradation. Global climate phenomena such as El Nin˜ o Southern Oscillations may have confounding ...
    • Using scalar models for precautionary assessments of threatened species 

      Bridges, Todd S; Akcakaya, H. Resit; Dunham, Amy E (2006-10)
      Scalar population models, commonly referred to as count-based models, are based on time-series data of population sizes and may be useful for screening-level ecological risk assessments when data for more complex models ...