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    • 3-D Local Radon Power Spectra for Seismic Attribute Extraction 

      Steeghs, Philippe; Fokkema, Jacob T; Diephuis, Gerhard (1998-01-15)
      In this paper we discuss a method for volume attribute extraction that is based on a new type of local Radon power spectrum. The new algorithm results in robust and geologically meaningful volume attributes, such as ...
    • Decomposition of seismic signals via time-frequency representations 

      Tobback, Tom; Steeghs, Philippe; Drijkoningen, Guy G; Fokkema, Jacob T (1996-01-15)
      In this paper we discuss the use of a time-frequency representation, the Wigner distribution, for the decomposition and characterization of seismic signals. The advantage of the Wigner distribution over other representations, ...
    • Fast computation of the sliding-window Radon transform with application to attribute extraction 

      Steeghs, Philippe (1999-01-15)
      We have developed a fast and robust algorithm for the extraction of 3-D seismic attributes. The algorithm is based on the recursive computation of the 3-D sliding-window Radon transform. Considerable gain in computational ...
    • Flexible Wavelet Transforms Using Lifting 

      Claypoole, Roger L.; Baraniuk, Richard G. (1998-09-01)
      We introduce and discuss biorthogonal wavelet transforms using the lifting construction. The lifting construction exploits a spatial-domain, prediction-error interpretation of the wavelet transform and provides a powerful ...
    • Instantaneous Frequency Estimation using the Reassignment method 

      Odegard, Jan E.; Baraniuk, Richard G.; Oehler, Kurt L (1998-01-15)
      This paper explores the method of reassignment for extracting instantaneous frequency attributes from seismic data. The reassignment method was first applied to the spectrogram by Kodera, Gendrin and de Villedary and later ...
    • Multifractals and Wavelets: A potential tool in Geophysics 

      Riedi, Rudolf H. (1998-01-01)
      The study of fractal quantities and structures exhibiting highly erratic features on all scales has proved to be of outstanding significance in various disciplines. While scaling phenomena are pervasive in natural and ...
    • Time Frequency Analysis Applications in Geophysics 

      Steeghs, Philippe; Baraniuk, Richard G.; Odegard, Jan E. (2002-01-15)
      In this chapter, we overview a number of applications of time-frequency representations in seismic data processing, from the analysis of seismic sequences to efficient attribute extraction to 3-D attributes for volumetric data.
    • Time-frequency analysis of seismic sequences 

      Steeghs, Philippe; Drijkoningen, Guy G (1995-01-15)
      Reflection patterns play an important role in seismic sequence stratigraphy, therefore making their quantitative description essential for the construction and validation of sequence stratigraphic models from seismic data. ...