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    • Network Loss Inference Using Unicast End-to-End Measurement 

      Coates, Mark J.; Nowak, Robert David (2000-09-20)
      The fundamental objective of this work is to determine the extent to which unicast, end-to-end network measurement is capable of determining internal network losses. The major contributions of this paper are two-fold: we ...
    • PathChirp: Efficient Available Bandwidth Estimation for Network Paths 

      Ribeiro, Vinay Joseph; Riedi, Rudolf H.; Baraniuk, Richard G.; Navratil, Jiri; Cottrell, Les (2003-04-01)
      This paper presents <i>PathChirp</i>, a new active probing tool for estimating the available bandwidth on a communication network path. Based on the concept of "self-induced congestion," PathChirp features an exponential ...