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    • Complex Wavelet Transforms with Allpass Filters 

      Fernandes, Felix; Selesnick, Ivan W.; van Spaendonck, Rutger; Burrus, C. Sidney (2003-08-20)
      Complex discrete wavelet transforms have significant advantages over real wavelet transforms for certain signal processing problems. Two approaches to the implementation of complex wavelet transforms have been proposed ...
    • Design of Linear Phase Cosine Modulated Filter Banks for Subband Image Compression 

      Odegard, Jan E.; Gopinath, Ramesh A.; Burrus, C. Sidney (1994-01-15)
      Wavelet methods give a flexible alternative to Fourier methods in non-stationary signal analysis. The concept of band-limitedness plays a fundamental role in Fourier analysis. Since wavelet theory replaces frequency with ...
    • Non-Redundant, Linear-Phase, Semi-Orthogonal, Directional Complex Wavelets 

      Fernandes, Felix; Wakin, Michael; Baraniuk, Richard G. (2004-05-01)
      The directionality and phase information provided by non-redundant complex wavelet transforms (NCWTs) provide significant potential benefits for image/video processing and compression applications. However, because existing ...