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    • Hidden Markov Tree Modeling of Complex Wavelet Transforms 

      Choi, Hyeokho; Romberg, Justin; Baraniuk, Richard G.; Kingsbury, Nicholas G. (2000-06-01)
      Multiresolution signal and image models such as the hidden Markov tree aim to capture the statistical structure of smooth and singular (edgy) regions. Unfortunately, models based on the orthogonal wavelet transform suffer ...
    • Multiscale Image Segmentation using Wavelet-domain Hidden Markov Models 

      Choi, Hyeokho; Baraniuk, Richard G. (2001-09-01)
      We introduce a new image texture segmentation algorithm, HMTseg, based on wavelets and the hidden Markov tree (HMT) model. The HMT is a tree-structured probabilistic graph that captures the statistical properties of the ...
    • New Bayesian Model Averaging Framework for Wavelet-Based Signal Processing 

      Wan, Yi; Nowak, Robert David (2000-06-20)
      This paper develops a new signal modeling framework using Bayesian model averaging formulation and the redundant or translation-invariant wavelet transform. The aim of this framework is to provide a paradigm general enough ...