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    • Asymptotic rates of the information transfer ratio 

      Sinanovic, Sinan; Johnson, Don (2002-05-20)
      Information processing is performed when a system preserves aspects of the input related to what the input represents while it removes other aspects. To describe a system's information processing capability, input and ...
    • Symmetrizing the Kullback-Leibler Distance 

      Johnson, Don; Sinanovic, Sinan (2001-03-20)
      We define a new distance measure - the resistor-average distance - between two probability distributions that is closely related to the Kullback-Leibler distance. While the Kullback-Leibler distance is asymmetric in the ...
    • Toward a theory of information processing 

      Sinanovic, Sinan; Johnson, Don (2004-06-01)
      Information processing theory endeavors to quantify how well signals encode information and how well systems, by acting on signals, process information. We use information-theoretic distance measures, the Kullback-Leibler ...