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    • Effects of Low-Skilled Immigration on U.S. Natives: Evidence from Hurricane Mitch 

      Kugler, Adriana; Yuskel, Mutlu (2006)
      Starting in the 1980s, the composition of immigrants to the U.S. shifted towards less-skilled workers. Around this time, real wages and employment of younger and less-educated U.S. workers fell. Some believe that recent ...
    • Innovation by Policy: A Study of the Electronic Passport 

      Bronk, Chris (2007-05)
      The author argues that the congressional mandate to create a biometrically enabled, electronic passport put political goals ahead of the technically feasible. Congress wrote into law a directive to create an advanced ...
    • Managing the U.S.-Mexico Border Problem 

      Bronk, Chris (2007-08-17)
      Although legislation for migration reform and an international guest worker program has been effectively tabled for the remainder of the Bush administration, work continues on projects to more effectively monitor the ...