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dc.contributor.authorScott, Clayton
dc.creatorScott, Clayton 2007-10-31T01:04:35Z 2007-10-31T01:04:35Z 2000-04-20 2002-10-30
dc.description Masters Thesis
dc.description.abstract Despite their success in other areas of statsitical signal processing, current wavelet-based image models are inadequate for modeling patterns in images, due to the presence of unknown transformations inherent in most pattern observations. In this thesis we introduce a hierarchical wavelet-based framework for modeling patterns in digital images. This framework takes advantage of the efficient image representations afforded by wavelets, while accounting for unknown pattern transformations. Given a trained model, we can use this framework to synthesize pattern observations. If the model parameters are unknown, we can infer them from labeled training data using TEMPLAR, a novel template learning algorithm with linear complexity. TEMPLAR employs minimum description length (MDL) complexity regularization to learn a template with a sparse representation in the wavelet domain. If we are given several trained models for different patterns, our framework provides a low-dimensional subspace classifier that is invariant to unknown pattern transformations as well as background clutter.
dc.language.iso eng
pattern analysis
dc.title A Hierarchical Wavelet-Based Framework for Pattern Analysis and Synthesis
dc.type Thesis
dc.citation.bibtexName mastersthesis
dc.citation.journalTitle Masters Thesis 2003-07-12
dc.contributor.orgCenter for Multimedia Communications (
pattern analysis
MDL Masters
dc.type.dcmi Text
dc.type.dcmi Text
dc.identifier.citation C. Scott, "A Hierarchical Wavelet-Based Framework for Pattern Analysis and Synthesis," Masters Thesis, 2000.

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