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dc.contributor.authorRozell, Chris
dc.creatorRozell, Chris 2007-10-31T01:03:08Z 2007-10-31T01:03:08Z 2002-04-20 2003-07-03
dc.description Masters Thesis
dc.description.abstract The sustaining fiber (SF) stage of the crayfish visual system converts analog stimulus representations to spike train signals. A recent theory quantifies a system's information processing capabilities and relates to statistical signal processing. To analyze SF responses to light stimuli, we extend a wavelet-based algorithm for separating analog input signals and spike output waveforms in composite intracellular recordings. We also present a time-varying RC circuit model to capture nonstationary membrane noise spectral characteristics. In our SF anlysis, information transfer ratios are generally on the order of (10<sup>-4</sup>). The SF information processing dynamics show transient peaks followed by decay to steady-state values. A simple theoretical spike generator is analyzed analytically and shows general dynamic and steady-state properties similar to SFs. The information transfer ratios increase with spike rate and dynamic properties are due to direct spike generator dependence on input changes.
dc.description.sponsorship Texas Instruments
dc.description.sponsorship National Science Foundation
dc.description.sponsorship National Institute of Mental Health
dc.language.iso eng
dc.subjectNeural information processing
Spike generator efficiency
dc.subject.otherInformation Processing
dc.title Analyzing Dynamics and Stimulus Feature Dependence in the Information Processing of Crayfish Sustaining Fibers
dc.type Thesis
dc.citation.bibtexName mastersthesis
dc.citation.journalTitle Masters Thesis 2003-07-12
dc.contributor.orgCenter for Multimedia Communications (
dc.contributor.orgDigital Signal Processing (
dc.contributor.orgCITI (
dc.subject.keywordNeural information processing
Spike generator efficiency
dc.citation.location Houston, TX Masters
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