A DSP-Based Platform for Wireless Video Compression

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Title: A DSP-Based Platform for Wireless Video Compression
Author: Murphy, Patrick; Bharadwaj, Vinay; Welsh, Erik; Frantz, Patrick
Type: Conference paper
xmlui.Rice_ECE.Keywords: DSP Wireless Video Compression MPEG-4 JPEG-2000
Citation: P. Murphy, V. Bharadwaj, E. Welsh and P. Frantz, "A DSP-Based Platform for Wireless Video Compression," vol. 2, pp. 1754-1758, 2002.
Abstract: With the exponential growth of wireless voice markets, demand for wireless video services is soon to follow. However, bandwidth limited wireless channels coupled with mobility issues pose a great challenge in the hardware, software and algorithm design of communication systems. Raw video transmission is a high bandwidth application due to its spatial and temporal redundancies. Hence effective video communication over wireless channels calls for intelligent video coding and protection schemes. Also, the real-time nature of video necessitates high performance hardware and efficient software. This paper describes a modular and standards-independent DSP-based testbed (Paladin) designed for real-time video communication over low-bandwidth channels. In particular, we demonstrate the real-time transmission of MPEG-4 video and JPEG2000 still images over the Bluetooth wireless standard. Such a demonstration has many potential applications. We have designed the testbed to explore the possibilities, demands, and challenges of real-time wireless video transmission. We have implemented the MPEG-4 and JPEG2000 source coding on two DSP platforms: a Texas Instruments (TI) TMS320C6211, and a TI TMS3206416.
Date Published: 2002-11-01

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