On the Moments of the Scaling Function psi_0

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Title: On the Moments of the Scaling Function psi_0
Author: Gopinath, Ramesh A.; Burrus, C. Sidney
Type: Conference paper
xmlui.Rice_ECE.Keywords: scaling function; M
Citation: R. A. Gopinath and C. S. Burrus, "On the Moments of the Scaling Function psi_0," 1992.
Abstract: This paper derives relationships between the moments of the scaling function psi<sub>0</sub>(t) associated with multiplicity M, K-regular, compactly supported, orthonormal wavelet bases [6, 5] that are extensions of the multiplicity 2, K-regular orthonormal wavelet bases constructed by Daubechies. One such relationship is that the square of the first moment of the scaling function (psi<sub>0</sub>(t)) is equal to its second moment. This relationship is used to show that uniform sample values of a function provides a third order approximation of its scaling function expansion coefficients. For the special case of M=2, the results in this paper have been reported earlier.
Date Published: 1992-05-20

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