Adaptive Wavelet Transforms via Lifting

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Title: Adaptive Wavelet Transforms via Lifting
Author: Claypoole, Roger L.; Baraniuk, Richard G.; Nowak, Robert David
Type: Report
xmlui.Rice_ECE.Keywords: lifting; wavelet transform
Citation: R. L. Claypoole, R. G. Baraniuk and R. D. Nowak, "Adaptive Wavelet Transforms via Lifting," None, vol. ECE TR 9304, 1999.
Abstract: This paper develops new algorithms for adapted multiscale analysis and signal adaptive wavelet transforms. We construct our adaptive transforms with the lifting scheme, which decomposes the wavelet transform into prediction and update stages. We adapt the prediction stage to the signal structure and design the update stage to preserve the desirable properties of the wavelet transform. We incorporate this adaptivity into the redundant and non-redundant transforms; the resulting transforms are scale and spatially adaptive. We study applications to signal estimation; our new transforms show improved denoising performance over existing (non-adaptive) orthogonal transforms.
Date Published: 1999-01-15

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