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dc.contributor.authorAhmed, Nadeem
Baraniuk, Richard G.
dc.creatorAhmed, Nadeem
Baraniuk, Richard G. 2007-10-31T00:33:45Z 2007-10-31T00:33:45Z 2003-10-01 2003-10-01
dc.description Conference Paper
dc.description.abstract Fading channels, often seen in wireless systems, provide an unfavorable environment for reliable communications. Current methods for evaluating the performance of fading channels include ergodic capacity and epsilon-capacity. Ergodic capacity quantifies the ultimate reliable communication limit of the fading channel. It is only achievable with infinite coding delay, making it impossible to achieve in practice. epsilon-capacity, achievable with finite coding delay, does not provide a measure of error-free communications performance. Since practical communication systems are delay-constrained, it is possible to retransmit codewords when errors occur. We provide a new analysis framework that accounts for codeword retransmission in the analysis of fading channels. We introduce new measures, maximum zero-outage throughput and maximum epsilon-throughput, that predict the performance of practical systems and show that ergodic capacity and epsilon-capacity are special cases of our definitions. We also provide a measure that characterizes the performance of a system with more complex receiver design, using "incremental diversity" to improve throughput.
dc.language.iso eng
fading channels
block fading
dc.subject.otherDSP for Communications
dc.title Throughput Measures for Delay-constrained Communications in Fading Channels
dc.type Conference paper 2004-03-18
dc.citation.bibtexName inproceedings 2006-06-05
dc.contributor.orgDigital Signal Processing (
fading channels
block fading
dc.citation.location Allerton, IL
dc.citation.conferenceName Allerton Conference on Communication, Control and Computing
dc.type.dcmi Text
dc.identifier.citation N. Ahmed and R. G. Baraniuk, "Throughput Measures for Delay-constrained Communications in Fading Channels," 2003.

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