Imaging complex structures with semi-recursive Kirchoff migration

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dc.contributor.advisor Symes, William W.
dc.creator Ebaid, Hesham Abdel Hamid 2009-06-04T08:47:29Z 2009-06-04T08:47:29Z 2000
dc.description.abstract Attempting to image the subsurface in areas of complex geology and rapid lateral velocity variation is a challenging problem. In particular, using prestack Kirchhoff migration in conjunction with first arrival travel times produces poor subsurface images with increasing depth. This problem is not a limitation of Kirchhoff migration, but it is the failure of the finite difference method to compute travel times which correspond to the most energetic arrivals. Dimitri Bevc in 1997 proposed a technique that combines the use of the wave equation datuming with dividing the velocity model into subsets. In each subset, calculation of the travel times with the finite differencing eikonal equation is valid. This thesis applies Bevc's technique using a software package (ProMAX) that is widely used among the academic and the industrial communities. We not only get a superior image at depth but we also enjoy the simplicity and the computational efficiency of using the finite difference method. We use the Marmousi synthetic dataset as input, which satisfies the definitions of structural complexity and rapid lateral velocity variation. To demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach, tests were performed on the Marmsoui dataset before and after the application of the semi-recursive Kirchhoff migration.
dc.format.extent 51 p.
dc.format.mimetype application/pdf
dc.language.iso eng
dc.subject Geology
dc.title Imaging complex structures with semi-recursive Kirchoff migration
dc.type.genre Thesis
dc.type.material Text Earth Science Natural Sciences Rice University Masters Master of Arts
dc.identifier.citation Ebaid, Hesham Abdel Hamid. (2000) "Imaging complex structures with semi-recursive Kirchoff migration." Masters Thesis, Rice University.

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