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    • New Anomalous Lieb-Robinson Bounds in Quasiperiodic XY Chains 

      Damanik, David; Lemm, Marius; Lukic, Milivoje; Yessen, William (2014)
      We announce and sketch the rigorous proof of a new kind of anomalous (or sub-ballistic) Lieb-Robinson (LR) bound for an isotropic XY chain in a quasiperiodic transversal magnetic field. Instead of the usual effective light ...
    • Wigner-von Neumann type perturbations of periodic Schrödinger operators 

      Lukic, Milivoje; Ong, Darren C. (2015)
      Schrödinger operators on the half line. More precisely, the perturbations we consider satisfy a generalized bounded variation condition at infinity and an LP decay condition. We show that the absolutely continuous spectrum ...