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    • The CMS Modular Track Finder boards, MTF6 and MTF7 

      Acosta, D.; Brown, G.; Carnes, A.; Carver, M.; Curry, D.; Di Giovanni, G.P.; Furic, I.; Kropivnitskaya, A.; Madorsky, A.; Matveev, M.; Padley, P.; Rank, D.; Reeves, C.; Scurlock, B.; Wang, S. (2013)
      To accommodate the increase in energy and luminosity of the upgraded LHC, the CMS Endcap Muon Level 1 Trigger system has to be significantly modified. To provide the best track reconstruction, the Trigger system must now ...
    • Upgrade of the cathode strip chamber level 1 trigger optical links at CMS 

      Ecklund, K.; Liu, J.; Madorsky, A.; Matveev, M.; Padley, P. (2012)