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  • Coherent Fano resonances in a plasmonic nanocluster enhance optical four-wave mixing 

    Zhang, Yu; Wen, Fangfang; Zhen, Yu-Rong; Nordlander, Peter; Halas, Naomi J. (2013)
    Plasmonic nanoclusters, an ordered assembly of coupled metallic nanoparticles, support unique spectral features known as Fano resonances due to the coupling between their subradiant and superradiant plasmon modes. Within ...
  • Compact solar autoclave based on steam generation using broadband light-harvesting nanoparticles 

    Neumann, Oara; Feronti, Curtis; Neumann, Albert D.; Dong, Anjie; Schell, Kevin; Lu, Benjamin; Kim, Eric; Quinn, Mary; Thompson, Shea; Grady, Nathaniel; Nordlander, Peter; Oden, Maria; Halas, Naomi J. (2013-07-16)
    The lack of readily available sterilization processes for medicine and dentistry practices in the developing world is a major risk factor for the propagation of disease. Modern medical facilities in the developed world ...
  • Delivery of nanoparticles to brain metastases of breast cancer using a cellular Trojan horse 

    Choi, Mi-Ran; Bardhan, Rizia; Stanton-Maxey, Katie J.; Badve, Sunil; Nakshatri, Harikrishna; Stantz, Keith M.; Cao, Ning; Halas, Naomi J.; Clare, Susan E. (2012)
    As systemic cancer therapies improve and are able to control metastatic disease outside the central nervous system, the brain is increasingly the first site of relapse. The blood–brain barrier (BBB) represents a major ...
  • Evolution of light-induced vapor generation at a liquid-immersed metallic nanoparticle 

    Fang, Zheyu; Zhen, Yu-Rong; Neumann, Oara; Polman, Albert; de Abajo, F. Javier García; Nordlander, Peter; Halas, Naomi J. (2013)
    When an Au nanoparticle in a liquid medium is illuminated with resonant light of sufficient intensity, a nanometer scale envelope of vapor -a “nanobubble”- surrounding the particle, is formed. This is the nanoscale onset ...
  • Impurity-Induced Plasmon Damping in Individual Cobalt-Doped Hollow Au Nanoshells 

    Thibodeaux, Christyn A.; Kulkarni, Vikram; Chang, Wei-Shun; Neumann, Oara; Cao, Yang; Brinson, Bruce; Ayala-Orozco, Ciceron; Chen, Chih-Wei; Morosan, Emilia; Link, Stephan; Nordlander, Peter; Halas, Naomi J. (2014)
    The optical properties of plasmonic nanoparticles in the size range corresponding to the electrostatic, or dipole, limit have the potential to reveal effects otherwise masked by phase retardation. Here we examine the optical ...
  • Nanoparticles Heat through Light Localization 

    Hogan, Nathaniel J.; Urban, Alexander S.; Ayala-Orozco, Ciceron; Pimpinelli, Alberto; Nordlander, Peter; Halas, Naomi J. (2014)
    Aqueous solutions containing light-absorbing nanoparticles have recently been shown to produce steam at high efficiencies upon solar illumination, even when the temperature of the bulk fluid volume remains far below its ...
  • Scattering Spectra of Single Gold Nanoshells 

    Nehl, Colleen L.; Grady, Nathaniel K.; Goodrich, Glenn P.; Tam, Felicia; Halas, Naomi J.; Hafner, Jason H. (2004-11-04)
  • The Surprising in Vivo Instability of Near-IR-Absorbing Hollow Au-Ag Nanoshells 

    Goodman, Amanda M.; Cao, Yang; Urban, Cordula; Neumann, Oara; Ayala-Orozco, Ciceron; Knight, Mark W.; Joshi, Amit; Nordlander, Peter; Halas, Naomi J. (2014)
    Photothermal ablation based on resonant illumination of near-infrared-absorbing noble metal nanoparticles that have accumulated in tumors is a highly promising cancer therapy, currently in multiple clinical trials. A crucial ...
  • Ternary CuIn7Se11: Towards Ultra-Thin Layered Photodetectors and Photovoltaic Devices 

    Lei, Sidong; Sobhani, Ali; Wen, Fangfang; George, Antony; Wang, Qizhong; Huang, Yihan; Dong, Pei; Li, Bo; Najmaei, Sina; Bellah, James; Gupta, Gautam; Mohite, Aditya D.; Ge, Liehui; Lou, Jun; Halas, Naomi J.; Vajtai, Robert; Ajayan, Pulickel (2014)
    2D materials have been widely studied over the past decade for their potential applications in electronics and optoelectronics. In these materials, elemental composition plays a critical role in defining their physical ...
  • Tunable optical tweezers for wavelength-dependent measurements 

    Hester, Brooke; Campbell, Gretchen K.; Lopez-Mariscal, Carlos; Filgueira, Carly Levin; Huschka, Ryan; Halas, Naomi J.; Helmerson, Kristian (2012)
    Optical trapping forces depend on the difference between the trap wavelength and the extinction resonances of trapped particles. This leads to a wavelength-dependent trapping force, which should allow for the optimization ...