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    • Characterization of a novel MR-detectable nanoantioxidant that mitigates the recall immune response 

      Inoue, Taeko; Griffin, Deric M.; Huq, Redwan; Samuel, Errol L.G.; Ruano, Simone H.; Stinnett, Gary; Majid, Tabassum J.; Beeton, Christine; Tour, James M.; Pautler, Robia G. (2016)
      In many human diseases, the presence of inflammation is associated with an increase in the level of reactive oxygen species (ROS). The resulting state of oxidative stress is highly detrimental and can initiate a cascade ...
    • IL-1β induces p62/SQSTM1 and represses androgen receptor expression in prostate cancer cells 

      Chang, M.A.; Patel, V.; Gwede, M.; Morgado, M.; Tomasevich, K.; Fong, E.L.; Farach-Carson, M.C.; Delk, N.A. (2014)
      Chronic inflammation is associated with advanced prostate cancer (PCa), although the mechanisms governing inflammation-mediated PCa progression are not fully understood. PCa progresses to an androgen independent phenotype ...
    • Scaffolds to Control Inflammation and Facilitate Dental Pulp Regeneration 

      Colombo, John S.; Moore, Amanda N.; Hartgerink, Jeffrey D.; D'Souza, Rena N. (2014)
      In dentistry, the maintenance of a vital dental pulp is of paramount importance because teeth devitalized by root canal treatment may become more brittle and prone to structural failure over time. Advanced carious lesions ...