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    • Enhancement of performance in porous bead-based microchip sensors: effects of chip geometry on bio-agent capture 

      Kulla, Eliona; Chou, Jie; Simmons, Glennon; Wong, Jorge; McRae, Michael P.; Patel, Rushi; Floriano, Pierre N.; Christodoulides, Nicolaos; Leach, Robin J.; Thompson, Ian M.; McDevitt, John T. (2015)
      Measuring low concentrations of clinically-important biomarkers using porous bead-based lab-on-a-chip (LOC) platforms is critical for the successful implementation of point-of-care (POC) devices. One way to meet this ...
    • Hot embossed polyethylene through-hole chips for bead-based microfluidicdevices 

      Chou, Jie; Du, Nan; Ou, Tina; Floriano, Pierre N.; Christodoulides, Nicolaos; McDevitt, John T. (2013)
      Over the past decade, there has been a growth of interest in the translation of microfluidic systems into real-world clinical practice, especially for use in point-of-care or near patient settings. While initial fabrication ...
    • Porous Bead-Based Diagnostic Platforms: Bridging the Gaps in Healthcare 

      Chou, Jie; Wong, Jorge; Christodoulides, Nicolaos; Floriano, Pierre N.; Sanchez, Ximena; McDevitt, John (2012)
      Advances in lab-on-a-chip systems have strong potential for multiplexed detection of a wide range of analytes with reduced sample and reagent volume; lower costs and shorter analysis times. The completion of high-fidelity ...