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    • Pro-metastatic collagen lysyl hydroxylase dimer assemblies stabilized by Fe2+-binding 

      Guo, Hou-Fu; Tsai, Chi-Lin; Terajima, Masahiko; Tan, Xiaochao; Banerjee, Priyam; Miller, Mitchell D.; Liu, Xin; Yu, Jiang; Byemerwa, Jovita; Alvarado, Sarah; Kaoud, Tamer S.; Dalby, Kevin N.; Bota-Rabassedas, Neus; Chen, Yulong; Yamauchi, Mitsuo; Tainer, John A.; Phillips, George N. Jr.; Kurie, Jonathan M. (2018)
      Collagen lysyl hydroxylases (LH1-3) are Fe2+- and 2-oxoglutarate (2-OG)-dependent oxygenases that maintain extracellular matrix homeostasis. High LH2 levels cause stable collagen cross-link accumulations that promote ...