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    • Hierarchically Structured Magnetic Nanoconstructs with Enhanced Relaxivity and Cooperative Tumor Accumulation 

      Gizzatov, Ayrat; Key, Jaehong; Aryal, Santosh; Ananta, Jeyarama; Cervadoro, Antonio; Palange, Anna Lisa; Fasano, Matteo; Stigliano, Cinzia; Zhong, Meng; Di Mascolo, Daniele; Guven, Adem; Chiavazzo, Eliodoro; Asinari, Pietro; Liu, Xuewu; Ferrari, Mauro; Wilson, Lon J.; Decuzzi, Paolo (2014)
      Iron oxide nanoparticles are formidable multifunctional systems capable of contrast enhancement in magnetic resonance imaging, guidance under remote fields, heat generation, and biodegradation. Yet, this potential is ...