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    • Enzyme intermediates captured “on the fly” by mix-and-inject serial crystallography 

      Olmos, Jose L. Jr.; Pandey, Suraj; Martin-Garcia, Jose M.; Calvey, George; Katz, Andrea; Knoska, Juraj; Kupitz, Christopher; Hunter, Mark S.; Liang, Mengning; Oberthuer, Dominik; Yefanov, Oleksandr; Wiedorn, Max; Heyman, Michael; Holl, Mark; Pande, Kanupriya; Barty, Anton; Miller, Mitchell D.; Stern, Stephan; Roy-Chowdhury, Shatabdi; Coe, Jesse; Nagaratnam, Nirupa; Zook, James; Verburgt, Jacob; Norwood, Tyler; Poudyal, Ishwor; Xu, David; Koglin, Jason; Seaberg, Matthew H.; Zhao, Yun; Bajt, Saša; Grant, Thomas; Mariani, Valerio; Nelson, Garrett; Subramanian, Ganesh; Bae, Euiyoung; Fromme, Raimund; Fung, Russell; Schwander, Peter; Frank, Matthias; White, Thomas A.; Weierstall, Uwe; Zatsepin, Nadia; Spence, John; Fromme, Petra; Chapman, Henry N.; Pollack, Lois; Tremblay, Lee; Ourmazd, Abbas; Phillips, George N. Jr.; Schmidt, Marius (2018)
      BACKGROUND: Ever since the first atomic structure of an enzyme was solved, the discovery of the mechanism and dynamics of reactions catalyzed by biomolecules has been the key goal for the understanding of the molecular ...