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    • Characterization of a novel MR-detectable nanoantioxidant that mitigates the recall immune response 

      Inoue, Taeko; Griffin, Deric M.; Huq, Redwan; Samuel, Errol L.G.; Ruano, Simone H.; Stinnett, Gary; Majid, Tabassum J.; Beeton, Christine; Tour, James M.; Pautler, Robia G. (2016)
      In many human diseases, the presence of inflammation is associated with an increase in the level of reactive oxygen species (ROS). The resulting state of oxidative stress is highly detrimental and can initiate a cascade ...
    • Preferential uptake of antioxidant carbon nanoparticles by T lymphocytes for immunomodulation 

      Huq, Redwan; Samuel, Errol L.G.; Sikkema, William K.A.; Nilewski, Lizanne G.; Lee, Thomas; Tanner, Mark R.; Khan, Fatima S.; Porter, Paul C.; Tajhya, Rajeev B.; Patel, Rutvik S.; Inoue, Taeko; Pautler, Robia G.; Corry, David B.; Tour, James M.; Beeton, Christine (2016)
      Autoimmune diseases mediated by a type of white blood cell—T lymphocytes—are currently treated using mainly broad-spectrum immunosuppressants that can lead to adverse side effects. Antioxidants represent an alternative ...