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  • Scaffolds to Control Inflammation and Facilitate Dental Pulp Regeneration 

    Colombo, John S.; Moore, Amanda N.; Hartgerink, Jeffrey D.; D'Souza, Rena N. (2014)
    In dentistry, the maintenance of a vital dental pulp is of paramount importance because teeth devitalized by root canal treatment may become more brittle and prone to structural failure over time. Advanced carious lesions ...
  • Scattering Spectra of Single Gold Nanoshells 

    Nehl, Colleen L.; Grady, Nathaniel K.; Goodrich, Glenn P.; Tam, Felicia; Halas, Naomi J.; Hafner, Jason H. (2004-11-04)
  • Search for charged Higgs bosons through the violation of lepton universality in t¯t events using pp collision data at ps = 7 TeV with the ATLAS experiment 

    The ATLAS Collaboration (2013)
    In several extensions of the Standard Model, the top quark can decay into a bottom quark and a light charged Higgs boson H+, t → bH+, in addition to the Standard Model decay t → bW. Since W bosons decay to the three ...
  • Search for Flavor-Changing Neutral Currents in Top-Quark Decays t → Zq in pp Collisions at √s=8 TeV 

    CMS Collaboration; Adair, A.; Akgun, B.; Ecklund, K.M.; Geurts, F.J.M.; Li, W.; Michlin, B.; Padley, B.P.; Redjimi, R.; Roberts, J.; Zabel, J. (2014)
    A search for flavor-changing neutral currents in top-quark decays t→Zq is performed in events produced from the decay chain tt¯→Zq+Wb, where both vector bosons decay leptonically, producing a final state with three leptons ...

    Crockett, Christopher J.; Mahmud, Naved I.; Prato, L.; Johns-Krull, Christopher M.; Jaffe, Daniel T.; Hartigan, Patrick M.; Beichman, Charles A. (2012)
    We present results from an ongoing multiwavelength radial velocity (RV) survey of the Taurus–Auriga star-forming region as part of our effort to identify pre-main-sequence giant planet hosts. These 1–3 Myr old T Tauri ...
  • A search for giant planet companions to t tauri stars 

    Crockett, Christopher J.; Mahmud, Naved I.; Prato, L.; Johns-Krull, Christopher M.; Jaffe, Daniel T.; Hartigan, Patrick M.; Beichman, Charles A. (2012-12-05)
  • Search for Higgs boson production in oppositely charged dilepton and missing energy events in pp¯ collisions at s√=1.96  TeV 

    D0 Collaboration; Chandra, A.; Corcoran, M.; Orduna, J.; Prewitt, M.; Hogan, J. (2012)
    We present a search for the standard model Higgs boson using events with two oppositely charged leptons and large missing transverse energy as expected in H→WW decays. The events are selected from data corresponding to ...
  • Search for New Physics with Same-Sign Isolated Dilepton Events with Jets and Missing Transverse Energy 

    CMS Collaboration (2012-08)
    A search for new physics is performed in events with two same-sign isolated leptons, hadronic jets, and missing transverse energy in the final state. The analysis is based on a data sample corresponding to an integrated ...
  • Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson in Associated WH Production in 9.7  fb−1 of pp¯ Collisions with the D0 Detector 

    D0 Collaboration; Chandra, A.; Corcoran, M.; Orduna, J.; Prewitt, M.; Hogan, J. (2012)
    We present a search for the standard model Higgs boson in final states with a charged lepton (electron or muon), missing transverse energy, and two or three jets, at least one of which is identified as a b-quark jet. The ...
  • Search for Top Squark and Higgsino Production Using Diphoton Higgs Boson Decays 

    CMS Collaboration; Adair, A.; Akgun, B.; Ecklund, K.M.; Geurts, F.J.M.; Li, W.; Michlin, B.; Padley, B.P.; Redjimi, R.; Roberts, J.; Zabel, J. (2014)
    Results are presented of a search for a “natural” supersymmetry scenario with gauge mediated symmetry breaking. It is assumed that only the supersymmetric partners of the top quark (the top squark) and the Higgs boson ...
  • Searches for new physics using the t t invariant mass distribution in pp collisions at √s=8TeV 

    CMS Collaboration; Adair, A.; Akgun, A.; Ecklund, K.M.; Geurts, F.J.M.; Li, W.; Michlin, B.; Padley, B.P.; Redjimi, R.; Roberts, J.; Zabel, J. (2013-11)
    Searches for anomalous top quark-antiquark production are presented, based on pp collisions at s√=8  TeV. The data, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 19.7  fb−1, were collected with the CMS detector at the LHC. ...
  • The Second Fermi Large Area Telescope Catalog of Gamma-Ray Pulsars 

    Baring, M.G.; Abdo, A.A.; Ajello, M.; Allafort, A.; Baldini, L.; Ballet, J.; Barbiellini, G.; Bastieri, D.; Belfiore, A.; Bellazzini, R.; Bhattacharyya, B.; Bissaldi, E.; Bloom, E.D.; Bonamente, E.; Bottacini, E.; Brandt, T.J.; Bregeon, J.; Brigida, M.; Bruel, P.; Buehler, R.; Burgay, M.; Burnett, T.H.; Busetto, G.; Buson, S.; Cameron, R.A.; Camilo, F.; Caraveo, P.A.; Casandjian, J.M.; Cecchi, C.; Çelik, Ö.; Charles, E.; Chaty, S.; Chaves, R.C.G.; Chekhtman, A.; Chen, A.W.; Chiang, J.; Chiaro, G.; Ciprini, S.; Claus, R.; Cognard, I.; Cohen-Tanugi, J.; Cominsky, L.R.; Conrad, J.; Cutini, S.; D'Ammando, F.; de Angelis, A.; DeCesar, M.E.; De Luca, A.; den Hartog, P.R.; de Palma, F.; Dermer, C.D.; Desvignes, G.; Digel, S.W.; Di Venere, L.; Drell, P.S.; Drlica-Wagner, A.; Dubois, R.; Dumora, D.; Espinoza, C.M.; Falletti, L.; Favuzzi, C.; Ferrara, E.C.; Focke, W.B.; Franckowiak, A.; Freire, P.C.C.; Funk, S.; Fusco, P.; Gargano, F.; Gasparrini, D.; Germani, S.; Giglietto, N.; Giommi, P.; Giordano, F.; Giroletti, M.; Glanzman, T.; Godfrey, G.; Gotthelf, E.V.; Grenier, I.A.; Grondin, M.-H.; Grove, J.E.; Guillemot, L.; Guiriec, S.; Hadasch, D.; Hanabata, Y.; Harding, A.K.; Hayashida, M.; Hays, E.; Hessels, J.; Hewitt, J.; Hill, A.B.; Horan, D.; Hou, X.; Hughes, R.E.; Jackson, M.S.; Janssen, G.H.; Jogler, T.; Jóhannesson, G.; Johnson, R.P.; Johnson, A.S.; Johnson, T.J.; Johnson, W.N.; Johnston, S.; Kamae, T.; Kataoka, J.; Keith, M.; Kerr, M.; Knӧdlseder, J.; Kramer, M.; Kuss, M.; Lande, J.; Larsson, S.; Latronico, L.; Lemoine-Goumard, M.; Longo, F.; Loparco, F.; Lovellette, M.N.; Lubrano, P.; Lyne, A.G.; Manchester, R.N.; Marelli, M.; Massaro, F.; Mayer, M.; Mazziotta, M.N.; McEnery, J.E.; McLaughlin, M.A.; Mehault, J.; Michelson, P.F.; Mignani, R.P.; Mitthumsiri, W.; Mizuno, T.; Moiseev, A.A.; Monzani, M.E.; Morselli, A.; Moskalenko, I.V.; Murgia, S.; Nakamori, T.; Nemmen, R.; Nuss, E.; Ohno, M.; Ohsugi, T.; Orienti, M.; Orlando, E.; Ormes, J.F.; Paneque, D.; Panetta, J.H.; Parent, D.; Perkins, J.S.; Pesce-Rollins, M.; Pierbattista, M.; Piron, F.; Pivato, G.; Pletsch, H.J.; Porter, T.A.; Possenti, A.; Rainò, S.; Rando, R.; Ransom, S.M.; Ray, P.S.; Razzano, M.; Rea, N.; Reimer, A.; Reimer, O.; Renault, N.; Reposeur, T.; Ritz, S.; Romani, R.W.; Roth, M.; Rousseau, R.; Roy, J.; Ruan, J.; Sartori, A.; Saz Parkinson, P.M.; Scargle, J.D.; Schulz, A.; Sgrò, C.; Shannon, R.; Siskind, E.J.; Smith, D.A.; Spandre, G.; Spinelli, P.; Stappers, B.W.; Strong, A.W.; Suson, D.J.; Takahashi, H.; Thayer, J.G.; Thayer, J.B.; Theureau, G.; Thompson, D.J.; Thorsett, S.E.; Tibaldo, L.; Tibolla, O.; Tinivella, M.; Torres, D.F.; Tosti, G.; Troja, E.; Uchiyama, Y.; Usher, T.L.; Vandenbroucke, J.; Vasileiou, V.; Venter, C.; Vianello, G.; Vitale, V.; Wang, N.; Weltevrede, P.; Winer, B.L.; Wolff, M.T.; Wood, D.L.; Wood, K.S.; Wood, M.; Yang, Z. (2013-10)
    This catalog summarizes 117 high-confidence 0.1 GeV gamma-ray pulsar detections using three years of data acquired by the Large Area Telescope (LAT) on the Fermi satellite. Half are neutron stars discovered using LAT data ...
  • The second rational homology group of the moduli space of curves with level structures 

    Putman, Andrew (2012)
    Let Γ be a finite-index subgroup of the mapping class group of a closed genus g surface that contains the Torelli group. For instance, Γ can be the level L subgroup or the spin mapping class group. We show that H2(Γ;Q) ∼= Q ...
  • A secreted protein is an endogenous chemorepellant in Dictyostelium discoideum 

    Phillips, Jonathan E.; Gomer, Richard H. (2012)
    Chemorepellants may play multiple roles in physiological and pathological processes.However, few endogenous chemorepellants have been identified, and how they function is unclear. We found that the autocrine signal AprA, ...
  • Seed dispersal by Ceratogymna hornbills in the Dja Reserve, Cameroon 

    Smith, Thomas B.; Parker, V. Thomas; Hardesty, Britta Denise; Stauffer, Donald J.; Holbrook, Kimberly M.; Lamperti, Aaron M.; Fogiel, Mark K.; Whitney, Kenneth D. (1998-05)
    Seed dispersal is a process critical to the maintenance of tropical forests, yet little is known about the interactions of most dispersers with their communities. In the Dja Reserve, Cameroon, seed dispersal by the ...
  • Sex and stochasticity affect range expansion of experimental invasions 

    Miller, Tom E.X.; Inouye, Brian D. (2012)

    Van Der Horst, A.J.; Kouveliotou, C.; Gorgone, N.M.; Kaneko, Y.; Baring, M.G.; Guiriec, S.; Gogus, E.; Granot, J.; Watts, A.L.; Lin, L.; Bhat, P.N.; Bissaldi, E.; Chaplin, V.L.; Finger, M.H.; Gehrels, N.; Gibby, M.H.; Giles, M.M.; Goldstein, A.; Gruber, D.; Harding, A.K.; Kaper, L.; Von Kienlin, A.; Van Der Klis, M.; McBreen, S.; Mcenery, J.; Meegan, C.A.; Paciesas, W.S.; Pe'er, A.; Preece, R.D.; Ramirez-Ruiz, E.; Rau, A.; Wachter, S.; Wilson-Hodge, C.; Woods, P.M.; Wijers, R.A.M. (2012)
    We have performed detailed temporal and time-integrated spectral analysis of 286 bursts from SGR J1550−5418 detected with the Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (GBM) in 2009 January, resulting in the largest uniform sample of ...
  • The Shadow Map: A General Contact Definition for Capturing the Dynamics of Biomolecular Folding and Function 

    Noel, Jeffrey K.; Whitford, Paul C.; Onuchic, José N. (2012)
    Structure-based models (SBMs) are simplified models of the biomolecular dynamics that arise from funneled energy landscapes. We recently introduced an all-atom SBM that explicitly represents the atomic geometry of a ...
  • Shape-dependent plasmon resonances of gold nanoparticles 

    Nehl, Colleen L.; Hafner, Jason H. (2008)
  • Simulated magnetopause losses and Van Allen Probe flux dropouts 

    Hudson, M.K.; Baker, D.N.; Goldstein, J.; Kress, B.T.; Paral, J.; Toffoletto, F.R.; Wiltberger, M. (2014)
    Three radiation belt flux dropout events seen by the Relativistic Electron Proton Telescope soon after launch of the Van Allen Probes in 2012 (Baker et al., 2013a) have been simulated using the Lyon-Fedder-Mobarry MHD code ...