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  • Facile one-pot synthesis of triphenylbismuth (V) bis(carboxylate) complexes 

    Kumar, Ish; Bhattacharya, Prateek; Whitmire, Kenton H. (2014)
    Triphenylbismuth(V) bis(carboxylates), Ph3Bi(O2CR)2 (R = 5-Br-2-OH-C6H3- (1), 2-OH-C6H4-(2), 2,6-(OH)2-C6H3- (3); 3-Me-2-NH2-C6H3- (4); Ph- (5) and Me- (6)) were obtained from the reaction of triphenylbismuth with hydrogen ...
  • Facilitation and Competition among Invasive Plants: A Field Experiment with Alligatorweed and Water Hyacinth 

    Wundrow, Emily J.; Carrillo, Juli; Gabler, Christopher A.; Horn, Katherine C.; Siemann, Evan (2012-10-30)
  • Failure of the Hasse Principle on General K3 Surfaces 

    Hassett, Brendan; Varilly-Alvarado, Anthony (2013)
    We show that transcendental elements of the Brauer group of an algebraic surface can obstruct the Hasse principle. We construct a general K3 surface X of degree 2 over Q, together with a two-torsion Brauer class that ...
  • Fermi-edge superfluorescence from a quantum-degenerate electron-hole gas 

    Kim, Ji-Hee; Noe, G. Timothy II; McGill, Stephen A.; Wang, Yongrui; Wojcik, Aleksander K.; Belyanin, Alexey A.; Kono, Junichiro (2013)
    Nonequilibrium can be a source of order. This rather counterintuitive statement has been proven to be true through a variety of fluctuation-driven, self-organization behaviors exhibited by out-of-equilibrium, many-body ...
  • Filtering smooth concordance classes of topologically slice knots 

    Cochran, Tim D.; Harvey, Shelly; Horn, Peter (2013)
    We propose and analyze a structure with which to organize the difference between a knot in S3 bounding a topologically embedded 2–disk in B4 and it bounding a smoothly embedded disk. The n–solvable filtration of the ...
  • Finite population size effects in quasispecies models with single-peak fitness landscape 

    Saakian, David B.; Deem, Michael W.; Hu, Chin-Kun (2012-04)
    We consider finite population size effects for Crow-Kimura and Eigen quasispecies models with single-peak fitness landscape. We formulate accurately the iteration procedure for the finite population models, then derive ...
  • The First Myriapod Genome Sequence Reveals Conservative Arthropod Gene Content and Genome Organisation in the Centipede Strigamia maritima 

    Chipman, Ariel D.; Ferrier, David E.K.; Brena, Carlo; Qu, Jiaxin; Hughes, Daniel S.T.; Schrӧder, Reinhard; Torres-Oliva, Montserrat; Znassi, Nadia; Jiang, Huaiyang; Almeida, Francisca C.; Alonso, Claudio R.; Apostolou, Zivkos; Aqrawi, Peshtewani; Arthur, Wallace; Barna, Jennifer C.J.; Blankenburg, Kerstin P.; Brites, Daniela; Capella-Gutiérrez, Salvador; Coyle, Marcus; Dearden, Peter K.; Du Pasquier, Louis; Duncan, Elizabeth J.; Ebert, Dieter; Eibner, Cornelius; Erikson, Galina; Evans, Peter D.; Extavour, Cassandra G.; Francisco, Liezl; Gabaldón, Toni; Gillis, William J.; Goodwin-Horn, Elizabeth A.; Green, Jack E.; Griffiths-Jones, Sam; Grimmelikhuijzen, Cornelis J.P.; Gubbala, Sai; Guigó, Roderic; Han, Yi; Hauser, Frank; Havlak, Paul; Hayden, Luke; Helbing, Sophie; Holder, Michael; Hui, Jerome H.L.; Hunn, Julia P.; Hunnekuhl, Vera S.; Jackson, LaRonda; Javaid, Mehwish; Jhangiani, Shalini N.; Jiggins, Francis M.; Jones, Tamsin E.; Kaiser, Tobias S.; Kalra, Divya; Kenny, Nathan J.; Korchina, Viktoriya; Kovar, Christie L.; Kraus, F. Bernhard; Lapraz, François; Lee, Sandra L.; Lv, Jie; Mandapat, Christigale; Manning, Gerard; Mariotti, Marco; Mata, Robert; Mathew, Tittu; Neumann, Tobias; Newsham, Irene; Ngo, Dinh N.; Ninova, Maria; Okwuonu, Geoffrey; Ongeri, Fiona; Palmer, William J.; Patil, Shobha; Patraquim, Pedro; Pham, Christopher; Pu, Ling-Ling; Putman, Nicholas H.; Rabouille, Catherine; Ramos, Olivia Mendivil; Rhodes, Adelaide C.; Robertson, Helen E.; Robertson, Hugh M.; Ronshaugen, Matthew; Rozas, Julio; Saada, Nehad; Sánchez-Gracia, Alejandro; Scherer, Steven E.; Schurko, Andrew M.; Siggens, Kenneth W.; Simmons, DeNard; Stief, Anna; Stolle, Eckart; Telford, Maximilian J.; Tessmar-Raible, Kristin; Thornton, Rebecca; van der Zee, Maurijn; von Haeseler, Arndt; Williams, James M.; Willis, Judith H.; Wu, Yuanqing; Zou, Xiaoyan; Lawson, Daniel; Muzny, Donna M.; Worley, Kim C.; Gibbs, Richard A.; Akam, Michael; Richards, Stephen (2014)
    Myriapods (e.g., centipedes and millipedes) display a simple homonomous body plan relative to other arthropods. All members of the class are terrestrial, but they attained terrestriality independently of insects. Myriapoda ...
  • Fluid Electric Force Microscopy for Charge Density Mapping in Biological Systems 

    Johnson, Amber S.; Nehl, Colleen L.; Mason, Monica G.; Hafner, Jason H. (2003-10-06)
  • Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy Study of Protein Transport and Dynamic Interactions with Clustered-Charge Peptide Adsorbents 

    Daniels, Charlisa R.; Kisley, Lydia; Kim, Hannah; Chen, Wen-Hsiang; Poongavanam, Mohan- Vivekanandan; Reznik, Carmen; Kourentzi, Katerina; Willson, Richard C.; Landes, Christy F. (2012-08)
    Ion-exchange chromatography (IEX) relies on electrostatic interactions between the adsorbent and the adsorbate, and is used extensively in protein purification. Conventional IEX utilizes ligands that are singly charged ...
  • Flux of carbonate melt from deeply subducted pelitic sediments: Geophysical and geochemical implications for the source of Central American volcanic arc 

    Tsuno, Kyusei; Dasgupta, Rajdeep; Danielson, Lisa; Righter, Kevin (2012-08-24)
    [1] We determined the fluid-present and fluid-absent near-solidus melting of an Al-poor carbonated pelite at 3–7 GPa, to constrain the possible influence of sediment melt in subduction zones. Hydrous silicate melt is ...
  • Folding Circular Permutants of IL-1b: Route Selection Driven by Functional Frustration 

    Capraro, Dominique T.; Gosavi, Shachi; Roy, Melinda; Onuchic, José N.; Jennings, Patricia A. (2012-06)
    Interleukin-1b (IL-1b) is the cytokine crucial to inflammatory and immune response. Two dominant routes are populated in the folding to native structure. These distinct routes are a result of the competition between early ...
  • Free energy landscape for the binding process of Huperzine A to acetylcholinesterase 

    Bai, Fang; Xu, Yechun; Chen, Jing; Liu, Qiufeng; Gu, Junfeng; Wang, Xicheng; Ma, Jianpeng; Li, Honglin; Onuchic, José N.; Jiang, Hualiang (2012)
    Drug-target residence time (t = 1/koff, where koff is the dissociation rate constant) has become an important index in discovering betteror best-in-class drugs. However, little effort has been dedicated to developing ...
  • Frustration in biomolecules 

    Ferreiro, Diego U.; Komives, Elizabeth A.; Wolynes, Peter G. (2014)
    Biomolecules are the prime information processing elements of living matter. Most of these inanimate systems are polymers that compute their own structures and dynamics using as input seemingly random character strings of ...
  • Functional Evolution of Ribonuclease Inhibitor: Insights from Birds and Reptiles 

    Lomax, Jo E.; Bianchetti, Christopher M.; Chang, Aram; Phillips, George N. Jr.; Fox, Brian G.; Raines, Ronald T. (2014)
    Ribonuclease inhibitor (RI) is a conserved protein of the mammalian cytosol. RI binds with high affinity to diverse secretory ribonucleases (RNases) and inhibits their enzymatic activity. Although secretory RNases are found ...
  • Fundamental optical processes in armchair carbon nanotubes 

    Haroz, Erik H.; Duque, Juan G.; Tu, Xiaomin; Zheng, Ming; Walker, Angela R. Hight; Hauge, Robert H.; Doorn, Stephen K.; Kono, Junichiro (2013)
    Single-wall carbon nanotubes provide ideal model one-dimensional (1-D) condensed matter systems in which to address fundamental questions in many-body physics, while, at the same time, they are leading candidates for ...
  • Fungal Symbionts as Manipulators of Plant Reproductive Biology 

    Gorischek, Alexander M.; Afkhami, Michelle E.; Seifert, Elizabeth K.; Rudgers, Jennifer A. (2013-04)
    Symbioses have shaped the evolution of life, most notably through the fixation of heritable symbionts into organelles. The inheritance of symbionts promotes mutualism and fixation by coupling partner fitness. However, ...
  • Funneling and frustration in the energy landscapes of some designed and simplified proteins 

    Truong, Ha H.; Kim, Bobby L.; Schafer, Nicholas P.; Wolynes, Peter G. (2013)
    We explore the similarities and differences between the energy landscapes of proteins that have been selected by nature and those of some proteins designed by humans. Natural proteins have evolved to function as well as ...
  • A gain-of-function mutation in IAA16 confers reduced responses to auxin and abscisic acid and impedes plant growth and fertility 

    Rinaldi, Mauro A.; Liu, James; Enders, Tara A.; Bartel, Bonnie; Strader, Lucia C. (2012)
    Auxin regulates many aspects of plant development, in part, through degradation of the Aux/IAA family of transcriptional repressors. Consequently, stabilizing mutations in several Aux/IAA proteins confer reduced auxin ...
  • Genetic variation in anti-herbivore chemical defences in an invasive plant 

    Wang, Yi; Siemann, Evan; Wheeler, Gregory S.; Zhu, Lin; Gu, Xue; Ding, Jianqing (2012)
  • Genomics-aided structure prediction 

    Sulkowska, Joanna I.; Morcos, Faruck; Weigt, Martin; Hwa, Terence; Onuchic, José N. (2012)
    We introduce a theoretical framework that exploits the everincreasing genomic sequence information for protein structure prediction. Structure-based models are modified to incorporate constraints by a large number of ...