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  • Biomedical applications of plasmon resonant metal nanoparticles 

    Liao, Hongwei; Nehl, Colleen L.; Hafner, Jason H. (2006)
  • Biomolecular dynamics: order–disorder transitions and energy landscapes 

    Whitford, Paul C.; Sanbonmatsu, Karissa Y.; Onuchic, José N. (2012)
    While the energy landscape theory of protein folding is now a widely accepted view for understanding how relatively-weak molecular interactions lead to rapid and cooperative protein folding, such a framework must be extended ...
  • A Birman exact sequence for Aut(Fn) 

    Day, Matthew; Putman, Andrew (2012)
    The Birman exact sequence describes the effect on the mapping class group of a surface with boundary of gluing discs to the boundary components. We construct an analogous exact sequence for the automorphism group of a ...
  • Blind Test of Methods for Obtaining 2-D Near-Surface Seismic Velocity Models from First-Arrival Traveltimes 

    Zelt, Colin A.; Haines, Seth; Powers, Michael H.; Sheehan, Jacob; Rohdewald, Siegfried; Link, Curtis; Hayashi, Koichi; Zhao, Don; Zhou, Hua-wei; Burton, Bethany L.; Petersen, Uni K.; Bonal, Nedra D.; Doll, William E. (2013-09)
    Seismic refraction methods are used in environmental and engineering studies to image the shallow subsurface. We present a blind test of inversion and tomographic refraction analysis methods using a synthetic first-arrival-time ...
  • Borel-Cantelli Sequences 

    Boshernitzan, Michael; Chaika, Jon (Springer, 2012-06)
  • Bose-Einstein Condensation of 84Sr 

    Martinez de Escobar, Y.N.; Mickelson, P.G.; Yan, M.; DeSalvo, B.J.; Nagel, S.B.; Killian, T.C. (2009-11-09)
    We report Bose-Einstein condensation of Sr84 in an optical dipole trap. Efficient laser cooling on the narrow intercombination line and an ideal s-wave scattering length allow the creation of large condensates (N0∼3×105) ...
  • Bose-Einstein condensation of 88Sr through sympathetic cooling with 87Sr 

    Mickelson, P.G.; Martinez de Escobar, Y.N.; Yan, M.; DeSalvo, B.J.; Killian, T.C. (2010-05-05)
    We report Bose-Einstein condensation of Sr88, which has a small, negative s-wave scattering length (a88=−2a0). We overcome the poor evaporative cooling characteristics of this isotope by sympathetic cooling with Sr87 atoms. ...
  • Bridging quantum and classical plasmonics with a quantum-corrected model 

    Esteban, Ruben; Borisov, Andrei G.; Nordlander, Peter; Aizpurua, Javier (2012)
    Electromagnetic coupling between plasmonic resonances in metallic nanoparticles allows for engineering of the optical response and generation of strong localized near-fields. Classical electrodynamics fails to describe ...

    Lin, Lin; Baring, Matthew G.; Granot, Jonathan; Kouveliotou, Chryssa; Kaneko, Yuki; Van Der Horst, Alexander; Gruber, David; Von Kienlin, Andreas; Younes, George; Watts, Anna L.; Gehrels, Neil (2012)
    We present the results of our broadband spectral analysis of 42 SGR J1550−5418 bursts simultaneously detected with the Swift/X-ray Telescope (XRT) and the Fermi/Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (GBM), during the 2009 January active ...
  • Broadband, Polarization-Sensitive Photodetector Based on Optically-Thick Films of Macroscopically Long, Dense, and Aligned Carbon Nanotubes 

    Nanot, Sebastien; Cummings, Aron W.; Pint, Cary L.; Ikeuchi, Akira; Akiho, Takafumi; Sueoka, Kazuhisa; Hauge, Robert H.; Leonard, François; Kono, Junichiro (2013)
    Increasing performance demands on photodetectors and solar cells require the development of entirely new materials and technological approaches.Wereport on the fabrication and optoelectronic characterization of a ...
  • Bulk induced phase transition in driven diffusive systems 

    Wang, Yu-Qing; Jiang, Rui; Kolomeisky, Anatoly B.; Hu, Mao-Bin (2014-06-24)
    This paper studies a weakly and asymmetrically coupled three-lane driven diffusive system. A non-monotonically changing density profile in the middle lane has been observed. When the extreme value of the density profile ...
  • Can Gap Tuning Schemes of Long-Range Corrected Hybrid Functionals Improve the Description of Hyperpolarizabilities? 

    Garza, Alejandro J.; Osman, Osman I.; Asiri, Abdullah M.; Scuseria, Gustavo E. (2014-09-02)
    Long-range corrected hybrid density functionals (LC-DFT), with range separation parameters optimally tuned to obey Koopmans' theorem, are used to calculate the first-order hyperpolarizabilities of prototypical charge-transfer ...
  • Can Short- and Middle-Range Hybrids Describe the Hyperpolarizabilities of Long-Range Charge-Transfer Compounds? 

    Garza, Alejandro J.; Wazzan, Nuha A.; Asiri, Abdullah M.; Scuseria, Gustavo E. (2014)
    The hyperpolarizabilities of five prototypical and four recently synthesized long-range charge-transfer (CT) organic compounds are calculated using short- and middle-range (SR and MR) hybrid functionals. These results are ...
  • Capturing static and dynamic correlations by a combination of projected Hartree-Fock and density functional theories 

    Garza, Alejandro J.; Jiménez-Hoyos, Carlos A.; Scuseria, Gustavo E. (2013)
    This paper explores the possibility of combining projected Hartree-Fock and density functional theories for treating static and dynamic correlations in molecular systems with mean-field computational cost. The combination ...
  • Cell-specific transmembrane injection of molecular cargo with gold nanoparticle-generated transient plasmonic nanobubbles 

    Lukianova-Hleb, Ekaterina Y.; Wagner, Daniel S.; Brenner, Malcolm K.; Lapotko, Dmitri O. (2012)
    Optimal cell therapies require efficient, selective and rapid delivery of molecular cargo into target cells without compromising their viability. Achieving these goals exᅠvivo in bulk heterogeneous multi-cell systems such ...
  • Chaotic ionization of a stationary electron state via a phase space turnstile 

    Burke, Korana; Mitchell, Kevin A.; Ye, Shuzhen; Dunning, F. Barry (2013)
    The ionization of a highly excited Rydberg atom subjected to a periodic sequence of electric field impulses, or “kicks,” is chaotic. We focus on the dynamics of a single kicking period in order to isolate the ionization ...
  • Characterization of the Interaction between the Cohesin Subunits Rad21 and SA1/2 

    Zhang, Nenggang; Jiang, Yunyun; Mao, Qilong; Demeler, Borries; Tao, Yizhi Jane; Pati, Debananda (2013)
    The cohesin complex is responsible for the fidelity of chromosomal segregation during mitosis. It consists of four core subunits, namely Rad21/Mcd1/Scc1, Smc1, Smc3, and one of the yeast Scc3 orthologs SA1 or SA2. Sister ...
  • Characterizing high-n quasi-one-dimensional strontium Rydberg atoms 

    Hiller, M.; Yoshida, S.; Burgdorfer, J.; Ye, S.; Zhang, X.; Dunning, F.B. (2014)
    The production of high-n, n ∼ 300, quasi-one-dimensional (quasi-1D) strontium Rydberg atoms through two-photon excitation of selected extreme Stark states in the presence of a weak dc field is examined using a crossed ...
  • Charged nanograins in the Enceladus plume 

    Hill, T.W.; Thomsen, M.F.; Tokar, R.L.; Coates, A.J.; Lewis, G.R.; Young, D.T.; Crary, F.J.; Baragiola, R.A.; Johnson, R.E.; Dong, Y.; Wilson, R.J.; Jones, G.H.; Wahlund, J.-E.; Mitchell, D.G.; Horanyi, M. (2012)
    There have been three Cassini encounters with the south-pole eruptive plume of Enceladus for which the Cassini Plasma Spectrometer (CAPS) had viewing in the spacecraft ram direction. In each case, CAPS detected a cold ...
  • Chemical physics of protein folding 

    Wolynes, Peter G.; Eaton, William A.; Fersht, Alan R. (2012-10-30)