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  • Computational modeling of potassium transport in the inner ear 

    Quraishi, Imran Habib (2008)
    In this thesis, I construct and evaluate biophysically realistic mathematical models of potassium transport in two inner ear epithelia. Deficits in potassium transport cause deafness and imbalance, because proper hearing ...
  • Magnitude estimation of conceptual data dimensions for use in sonification 

    Walker, Bruce N. (2000)
    Most data exploration tools are exclusively visual, failing to exploit the advantages of the human auditory system, and excluding students and researchers with visual disabilities. Sonification uses non-speech audio to ...
  • Quantifying information coding limits in sensory systems 

    Gruner, Charlotte Mason (1999)
    Neurons code information about sensory stimuli temporally in the times of occurrence of action potentials as well as spatially in the joint discharge patterns of neurons within an ensemble. In this work, we present a ...