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    • Island 38: A residential district island for ten thousand Venetians. 

      Douglas, Samuel (2014-04-23)
      Venice is a complete concept. A finished city. As a floating amalgamation of islands, constantly in opposition with rising tides, any sense of urban normality is gone. Inundation by mass tourism, however, has effectively ...
    • Towards Adaptive Resolution Modeling of Biomolecular Systems in their Environment 

      Lambeth, Bradley (2012-09-05)
      Water plays a critical role in the function and structure of biological systems. Current techniques to study biologically relevant events that span many length and time scales are limited by the prohibitive computational ...
    • Water purification and monitoring 

      Maguire-Boyle, Samuel J. (2014-03-11)
      The purification of water for the next century is paramount. As global demand for energy increases new ways of generating energy have been discovered and exploited. However, with the diversification of energy sources one ...