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Private Practice, 1914-19501226

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"Architects to begin working plans for Methodist Hospital", newsclipping circa 1950 from unidentified newspaper1024
Neill T. Masterson House, Houston, TX, 1923-19241016
"Brochure of the work of Wm Ward Watkin, Architect", no date, but circa 19401011
F.A. Heitman House, Houston, TX, 1926-1927, roof plan970
Christ Church Cathedral, Houston, architectural drawing featuring alterations, sheet 7, by William Ward Watkin862
F.A. Heitman house, Houston, TX, 1926-1927, first floor plan818
Preliminary sketch of floor plan for Houston Public Library, photographic print of drawing by William Ward Watkin818
F.A. Heitman House, Houston, TX, 1926-1927, details of living room795
F.A. Heitman House, Houston, TX, 1926-1927, second floor plan778
Central Church of Christ, 1940, designed by architect William Ward Watkin, located at 4100 Montrose Blvd, Houston, Texas776

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