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  • Huyen Bui oral history interview and transcript 

    Huyen Bui (2013-02-11)
    Huyen Bui was born in Saigon in 1969. Huyen moved to Houston in the mid-2000s to marry his wife, a fellow Vietnamese immigrant whose family settled in Houston. He currently lives in West University with his wife and two ...
  • Thao Costis oral history interview and transcript 

    Thao Costis (2013-01-30)
    The main focus of the interview is on Thao’s life experience as a 1.5 generation Vietnamese immigrant, although issues of labor and capital are also discussed. The interview traces Thao’s background and journey to the US ...
  • Theodore Wu oral history interview and transcript 

    Wu, Theodore Hong, Jr. (2014-10-16)
    No transcript available for this interview.
  • Debbie Lin oral history interview and transcript 

    Lin, Debbie (2014-10-25)
    Debbie Lin is originally from Taiwan and came to the Atlanta, Georgia with her family when she was 17. She attended Georgia Tech for undergrad and attended Emory University for medical school.
  • Cookie Joe oral history interview and transcript 

    Joe, Cookie (2014-11-29)
    Cookie Joe was born in Houston in 1953 to a Chinese immigrant father and a mother of Irish descent. She attended local public high school, graduating at the age of 16, and went on to study dance at the University of Houston.