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Table of Contents

In order of appearance.

—Front Matter (PDF | 933.1 kB )

— Becoming Brujas: Colonial Witchcraft and Historical Transgression
by Mariana Najera (PDF | 1.748 Mb )

— Suffering and Resilience: The Jews of Spain and Black Death
by Joy Wang (PDF | 1.729 Mb )

— The Role of the Familiar Spirit in the Glanville-Webster Witchcraft Debate
by Jason Lee (PDF | 1.816 Mb )

— Pope Benedict XV’s Reassertion of Papal Diplomacy through Impartiality with Germany during the First World War
by Michael Katona (PDF | 1.767 Mb )

— Christabel Pankhurst: The Life and Legacy of a Suffragette Misunderstood
by Callie Carnahan (PDF | 1.227 Mb )

—Back Matter (PDF | 1.506 Mb )

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