Shelby David Goodman is a Jewish architect who designed the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston Building and the Kaplan Museum of Judaica. In addition, he served on the 2008 Houston Jewish Film Festival Committee, regularly attended services at the Seven Acres religious committee, and was an attendee of Kallah—a teachers' convention held twice a year in Babylonian Academies, often addressing issues like marriage, chastity, and moral purity from the perspective of the Babylonian Talmud. Jewish religious music has a long history, reaching back to the earliest temple music to today's contemporary take. The music featured in the Shelby Goodman collection is synagogal, including "nigumim"--generally wordless religious songs and tunes that are sung either by individuals or groups and associated with the Hassidic movement, and a version of "Hatikvah," a 19th century Jewish poem and the national anthem of Israel. For more information about the collection please contact staff at the Woodson Research Center at 713-348-2586 or Permission to publish from the Shelby D. Goodman collection must be obtained through the Woodson Research Center, Rice University (

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  • KTRH Recording: Beth Jacob Choir 

    Geller, Rabbi Max (1949)
    This is a recording of a radio program broadcast on KTRH Houston, Texas, of Rabbi Max Geller and the Beth Jacob Temple Choir, on October 2, 1949.