Recent Submissions

  • Joyce Gilbert oral history and transcript 

    Gilbert, Joyce (2018-11-16)
    Joyce Gilbert is a Houstonian who was active with the Houston Action for Soviet Jewry (HASJ). Gilbert was born in New York City and moved to Houston with her family in 1967. She directed HASJ and served as a Vice President ...
  • Libby Marvins oral history and transcript 

    Marvins, Libby (2018-11-28)
    Libby Marvins was born and raised in the small town of Wharton, Texas, located about sixty miles southwest of Houston. Wharton was home to a large Jewish population and to Congregation Shearith Israel, which was founded ...
  • Estelle Panzer and Janis Odensky oral history and transcript 

    Panzer, Estelle; Odensky, Janis (2019-08-30)
    Estelle Panzer and Janis Odensky are two of the three Houston women, along with Judy Jordon, who created the Tradition Board Game. Modeled on Trivial Pursuit and released in 1985, Tradition is a game of “Jewish facts, ...