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Table of Contents

In order of appearance.

—Front Matter 2019 Issue (PDF)

—Voter Characteristics, Election Administration, and Voter Confidence
by Martin, Lia, Meadow, Sara, Todd, Margaret and Yordan, Laura (PDF)

—Disability-Selective Abortion- Reasons for its Prevalence and Consideration by Indian Women
by Gayake, Saniya (PDF)

—The Ethics of Eating: A Comparative Study of Sustainable Restaurants in Austin, TX and London, UK
by Lawrence, Hope (PDF)

—Put to the Test: Choice and Representation in New York City's Selective Exam Schools
by Utrankar, Aseem (PDF)

—Rurality and School Choice
by Mabe, Landon (PDF)

—The Incarcerated State(s) of America: The Causes, Consequences, and Solutions to Mass Incarceration in the United States
by Rothschild, Connor (PDF)

—Tourism in Cuba: The Great Un-equalizer
by Miller, Hannah (PDF)

—Sociology of Laughter and Humor
by Uwanamodo, Daniel (PDF)

—Starting Up Houston: How is Houston's Startup Community Changing its Identity?
by Tobin, Alec and Thakker, Kaarthika (PDF)

—Fondren Library Study Room Allocation
by Grimmie, Willie and Patel, Eshaan (PDF)

—Mind vs Machine: A Window into the Paradox of Control
by Reford, Emma (PDF)

—The Psychological Basis for Religion
by Vargas, Laura (PDF)

—Self-Efficacy and Video Games: Translating Confidence Across Subjects Rice University
by Chamberlain, Jacqueline, Chen, Yu-Hsuan, Truitt, Jennifer and Wi, JeeHyuk (PDF)

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